Friday, September 12, 2008

trying to get labour going...

well first, this is just an older pic off my iphone (i just downloaded them yesterday finally) from sep 3. i think this is the day i pleaded with Joanna to let me come over because i really wanted my kids to enjoy the sun, but was afraid to go to the park in case i had to chase them.

last night we went on a family walk to help me induce labour. here, diedre just started showing me how strong she is.

it was ezekiel's first family walk in our neighbourhood (he's gone with my mom to her park, and i guess we had that one walk at the beach a ways back when i had several adults with me). this pic is from when i stopped to rest on the stairs going up to the next street.

i had just read in my toddler newsletter that this age is perfect to start trying to get them to go for walks, and to expect lots of stopping and looking at things. he was walking with a pinecone and a leaf that he found a ways back, and he found one of each for diedre too. she gave it back to him awhile later and then he was walking around with a pinecone and a leaf in each hand.

this picture shows him taking a "res" (rest). he would walk along and then do like mommy, and just plop down on his bottom and say "res, res" it was really precious.

derek had walked with sparky and diedre on the way. so here, he is heading home with the kids, while i walked sparky. derek doesnt like going for walks but the temperature was so perfect last night, and he's been feeling sick and tired all week so i encouraged him that the fresh air and exercise would help him feel better. he was actually running around at the park after sparky ha ha. so he got way more exercise than he would have.

see a few more pics of our evening walk.

it did not induce labour. i only had about 3 contractions last evening and was really hoping i'd go into labour last night. which i did not. i have not had anymore progress since my little hospital visit a few days ago. so although discouraging, now i have a new goal: to wait until my due date when my doctor will be back from vacation and will be on shift at the hospital.

i've really been enjoying getting out and walking or getting back out to the park, so i might still do that, but not try to get labour going otherwise.

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