Sunday, July 30, 2006

the last few days of vacation

nuzzling mama

cute moment with grandpa

a new angle for looking at sophie

fun on the swing

excited to see an airplane on our way home

diedre had such a great time bonding with her grammy and grandpa salmon. they had so much fun playing with her. diedre loved their three cats and every morning would walk around saying "hi, hi, hi" to the kitties. we got to sleep in lots because grammy and grandpa would start playing first thing with her. it was great :D

Thursday, July 27, 2006

dinner at the vyn's camp

trying on a new 'do before leaving for our next event.

hold onto your hat missy!

big swing!

sending a big "hi" our way (the rest of the group was quite far away and she just wanted to keep in touch)

walking back after swimming with the vyns

our best man chris and his best lady raechelle (they met my belly when i was 7 months pregnant with diedre)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

july 26

grandpa's sister's home

diedre really warmed up to these third cousins--they have an awesome playroom with lots of babies to play with!

salmon family picture

children's museum in kitchener

there were so many cool pillars of water with fun things floating in them like bubbles or fish.

lots of mirrors in the toddler room

playing with daddy

my friend michelle's family enjoying the very large blocks

derek REALLY enjoyed the children's museum

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

july 24-25

looking oh so cute in her new outfit!

eating grapes together

first time eating corn-on-the-cob

she found a more effective way

Sunday, July 23, 2006

"down-home" july 22-23

diedre's ready to travel. up bright & early!

we went to visit the town where Grammy & Grandpa grew up and plan to retire to in the near future.

4 salmon generations. Great-Grandma Salmon is 85.

diedre with her third cousin Payton

she loved payton's hair

july 23

diedre loves to clean

especially with the amanda 701 carpet sweeper! oh, the interesting things at Great-Grandma's house!

the salmon clan

grammy's sister's home

derek's aunt linda brought diedre to the store and bought her as many treats as possible! here diedre enjoys a popsicle with grandpa.


grammy enjoying her bathing cutie (new suit came from grammy)

grammy's brother's home

swimming again! hanging out with some more third cousins.


admiring the bubble maker

learning to jump on a trampoline

Friday, July 21, 2006

horsey, park, swimming

hi there diedre!

thats grandpa's horse.

family lounging time

rudy (the cat) came to play at the park too!

fun time at the park with the kitty

she loves the slide

diedre thought the temperature was perfect for swimming and playing in the water.

here we are enjoying the cool water.

water baby laughing it up

Thursday, July 20, 2006

trip to ontario

diedre's first flight (other than when i was 7 months pregnant with her!)

she just kept saying "wow, wow, wow" when derek was holding her up to the window.
she did awesome on the flight. she napped during a whole movie so we could enjoy ourselves. she did not cry or whine at all.

first glimpse of the grandparents camera...she sees them on the webcam quite often but hadn't seen them in person since their for her first birthday.

they had a nice playroom set up for her and she had lots of fun exploring it. here she is yawning, it was 11.30pm.

here's video of her enjoying the late night play date.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

grandma jen's birthday dinner



playing very nicely together

tried to get miles to look but he couldn't be disturbed

dinner setting. andrew and heather made a very delicious dinner. two roasting chickens, one with poultry spices, the other, lemon garlic...sooo yummy!!! and wonderful potatoes and carrots and broccoli. very tasty.

other angle

presenting a present

general party pictures



cousins, yet oh, so different :D

i was very impressed that miles knew the letter "M" written in his icing :)

here's a video of diedre: she's learning her animal sounds