Saturday, August 07, 2004

The Salmon Family August 7 2004

The Salmon Family August 7 2004
Amanda with Westley, Derek with Fraser & Sparky

The Salmon family is GROWING! No, its not another furry animal, but rather a BABY!

Our child has an estimated arrival date of February, 24, 2005.

We are very excited to share this news and I feel privileged and blessed to be pregnant!

Some questions people ask:

How've you been feeling?
Generally, I think i've had it really good. The last few weeks, sickness and sleepiness have really settled in. Before that I simply had very strong food aversion but was relatively energetic.

What about Weight Watchers? You just lost all this weight! (that part isnt really a question..ha ha)
The whole process of losing weight was a growing and learning process for me. It is totally about balance and taking those good choices into the future. I feel that with God's help, I have overcome many hurdles that troubled me for years like body image and food control. I feel very confident that I can go into parenthood with a good perspective on that and can hopefully teach my children the same. btw, I havent actually gained any weight yet...but everyone says "oh, it'll come! ha ha ha" so although i'm having a hard enough time eating...cuz i have no fav foods, just tolerable or absolutely untolerable ones, and those can flip on a dime...anyway, i trust it will all work out! :D

How is Derek?
Excited, but it doesnt feel quite real yet. He plans to attend my next Dr.'s appointment so that should help as he hears the little swoosh swoosh of the heartbeat (my Dr. was very cool and offered to try listening for it when i was only 9 weeks and 5 days! we totally heard it right away, it was soo cool!).

How are the future Grandparents doing?
They are all so excited and regularly check in to see how we are doing. Its so sweet to hear their excitement for this. What a cool thing to be bringing joy their way too!

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