Sunday, April 30, 2006

day two at poppa & diane's

cute summer outfit

big smiles to somebody

she really liked classy

cute toddler

blowing bubbles with dady

she really loves putting the bubble wands in the container

me, d, poppa & classy

Saturday, April 29, 2006

visit with Poppa & Diane in Courtenay

we went to courtenay this weekend. we made a major blunder and did not book a ferry so we had to wait around in the ferry line up for 4 hours!!! with a toddler!!!

it was very stressful for me, but we made the most of it.
we were able to hang out on a patch of grass and blow bubbles for the first hour. then we had to wait an hour in the car.
then we got to pull ahead, closer to the ferry and were able to go down and buy dinner and let diedre play at a park before loading onto the boat.

things did not get better when we arrived at my parents house...diedre was up until 1.30 or 2am because it was a new environment. she seemed so stressed out and was making weird crying noises and pointing. i eventually shut off the green nightlight and that seemed to help a little. so we all had very little sleep (diedre and i had 4 hours total!). saturday was a little groggy for all of us. but she slept marvelously on saturday night, ahhhh!

my dad is into "flipping" houses. this is his latest project. derek and him did a little work on saturday morning then we joined them to check out the project.

our sweet baby d

my dad & us

diedre and poppa checking each other out

playing with dandelions

steady now (derek's trying to get her to stand on her own)

"you still there dad?"

"bring the flower to mommy."

full concentration

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

playdate with gabe

diedre usually plays with david while his little brother watches. but gabe is sitting up now (9 months old) and david was napping this hot summery day.

all set to play

here's gabe

one very cute pose

and another


diedre loves chairs

being a little daring

diedre loves trucks

brrrrmm brrrrmmm

Monday, April 24, 2006

one last hoorah

our last visit with baby elliot. she officially left the west coast last night at 11pm. diedre was very interested in her.

diedre checking out elliot

gently rocking the baby (getting some practice here to be a big sister :)

waking up to, what soon was to be discovered, as a very wet diaper

the proud momma

the proud daddy

close up of the little squirt (waiting to be changed probably accounts for the cute expression)

miles must have known his cousin and fun uncle derek were over. and his uncle rick and aunt danielle for one last visit before heading to Nova Scotia cuz he insisted on getting out of bed to play.

we are gonna miss those carabins so much. it will be nice to see pictures on their blog from time to time. they are moving to start a job/ministry working to build a camp. they are really excited and will be close to rick's family in Cape Breton. i was thinking of their family this morning, how excited the grandma and grandpa must be today and rick's siblings who haven't met little elliot yet. (little and elliot have many similar letters, exchange a "t" for an "o" in little, and its the same...weird). xo to you guys, thanks for one last visit.

park play date

afternoon at the park

look what i found!!! junkfood (she only had one little bite then gave it too me. she chowed down on Ritz Scubas courtesy of a new friend Karley from playgroup.

diedre is cool. she now has the concept of just how cool she is. Grammy, she loves sunglasses, i guess she's old enough for some now (i remember you wanted to get her a pair last summer :) hee hee

she can fetch! diedre crawled away with this bucket, then started to crawl back without it. i said "no diedre, get the bucket." and she turned around, fetched it, and headed back over!

6 years married

it is our anniversary. we've been married 6 years now, together for 7.

we celebrated saturday night and it was really nice.

happy anniversary derek! you are an awesome husband and father and i'm so glad to share my life with you and have a family :)



Sunday, April 23, 2006

ouchless elastics make for cute hairstyles

model pose (sorry about the stringy drool). i just bought some ouchless elastics (which i'm not too confident are truly ouchless) and started trying to do diedre's hair. i like it!

still my sweet baby.

fine print

i made up this shirt for derek's 30th birthday party back on march 11, 2006. it took our friends a second to see the fine print. i actually made the iron-on transfer backwards, so i decided to try again on the back of the shirt. so the front of the shirt had the information written backwards, and the back of the shirt had the information written i did a little crafting and cut off the collar, put on a ribbon belt and wore the shirt with the proper writing on the front, over my belly. anyway, this is a pretty silly picture with my super big over-smile, but i will share it anyway.

so, people are starting to notice (thats what happens with second pregnancies i guess!) so i figure i'd let it out on the blog now.

salmon baby
nov 15 2006

i have had much more all-day sickness with this one than with diedre. probably because when i worked at the office, i would have a more scheduled day and scheduled eating, now things are so flexible and sometimes i wait too long to eat which will bring on the nausea.

derek and i are very excited and are slowly trying to adjust to how tired i am these days...and i expect i will be getting more energetic soon as i enter the second trimester. diedre will be 21 months when the baby comes. i am very excited to see her transition to becoming a big sister.

Monday, April 17, 2006

dinner at the carabins

dinner at the carabins, our old farm house. danielle was busy recording memories. we decided to go over there in the evening so derek could help rick get lumber for building a shipping crate.

rick, derek, josiah, danielle, elliot, naomi, diedre

pretty girls

papa cuddling the little one

diedre is excitedly pointing to the big tree

the daddies are up there!

our pretty girl

from above. diedre loves to play with her booster seat. at home i can ask her to sit in it when its on the floor and she will. its really cute.


so cute on the swing

it took some time but i finally got diedre to sleep at the carabins on the futon.

cute little bum up in the air