Thursday, September 28, 2006

Playdate with Eli & Elliot

rick and danielle are still in town and so diedre and i headed out to the vanhulsentops for a playdate. diedre refused to nap and looks pretty tired in some of the pictures, but she was really good all day.

diedre got to play with two real babies: Elliot (6 months) & Eli (4.5 months)!

she really likes those babies!

there's Eli!

talking on the phone

asleep in the car resting on her baby

video of diedre playing with elliot

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

our little princess

diedre put all the stickers on this crown at playgroup. i wasnt sure that she would want it to be a crown but when she saw the other kids with them on their heads, she said "hat? hat? hat?" and patted her head. cute. she ripped one of the jewels off as you can see.

see video of diedre playing trains

Thursday, September 21, 2006

the large bear

diedre and the bear ride the rocking cow

many of diedre's toys do not have names. i guess i'm just waiting for her to name them...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

8 weeks (or so) to go!

my strangely pointed belly...its so funny looking from this angle...i tell people, "i'm having a football, it must be a boy!"

keep in mind i'm sick and overtired as an excuse for that weird look on my face...

i have been able to eat ok lately although i have pretty bad heartburn some nights...almost makes me stop snacking in the far i am still having a slow weight gain which i am very pleased with, although there's still time to get huge!!! last week several men made remarks along the lines of: "WHAT?!!! 8 more weeks! How many are in there?! Are you sure its not twins!? WOW!!" to which i responded, "I'm going to get ALOT bigger." or "Oh, sorry, i mean, "what are you talking about? i'm not pregnant."?"

whatever...thats the plight of the pregnant woman...other people's comments. of course, my lovely massage therapist said "i can't believe you only have 8 weeks left, i mean you're all baby! All up front."

sick days

yep, diedre dear and i are sick again :(

she wants to watch the AristoCats everyday (probably all day). She says "kitty, kitty, kitty" and points at the t.v.

i'm feeling frustrated because i dont get the rest i need because we are both sick and she is sleeping til 5.30am regardless of the time i put her down (anywhere from 7.10 to 8.30pm). she's pretty grumpy because of the sickness and acts up alot more. ahhh...but she's still cute and has some happy times of course.


putting on some slippers

watching the AristoCats again

Monday, September 18, 2006

family festival

joanna, mom roy and the boys and diedre and i went to this local family festival. it was nice. there was a fundraising pancake breakfast (yummm) and just alot of booths with information. a pretty low-key event.

she was smiling really big about her balloon a second earlier...

david and diedre coloured on the YFC grafitti board

artists at work

diedre got to go in this bouncy house twice. she would just start to get the hang of bouncing and then time would be up...but she was cute and giggly :)

"fall down!"

early attempt
three kids jumping

a mini farmers' market

Saturday, September 16, 2006

a very furry friend

diedre brought her big bear out of her room to play with. i think she may have thought he was a slide in this picture :)

she wanted to watch "Aristocats" and gave the bear a remote to use too.

Friday, September 15, 2006

childcare provision

i watched my friend's son for the first time on Friday. The kids played together really well and they loved putting all the cars away into this box. it was really cute. i ended up going to their house to watch him and diedre napped there better than their son did!

diedre and kristian

ps. 2 months til baby salmon is due!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

enjoying daddy's music

diedre's listening to a song derek recorded last night

she kept pointing at the guitar and at the four-track as she was listening

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

silly faces

diedre was making cute faces while drinking water

her many faces

Sunday, September 10, 2006

cousin miles' 2nd birthday party

there was a great turn out at redwood park for miles' 2nd birthday party :)

sand surfing maybe?

loving the swing with daddy

gabe, miles, david picking out their trucks

whew what a hottie! this new mom is looking awesome :)

brent, kristin & baby eli

up in a tree

miles & his cousin justin

cute cousins

very cool fountain

playing with the fountain

water water water

oops, gotcha in the eye

uncle andrew helping diedre get a drink

happy 2nd birthday miles!!!

cake eating contest (or so it would seem). diedre had her first taste of candy, mini m&m's

daddy's helping now

CUTENESS ALERT: diedre was walking behind david saying "hand, hand, hand" :D

david doesnt want to hold her hand anymore

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

30 weeks

10 weeks to go!!!

week 30 pregnant with diedre. this was my favorite picture of my entire pregnancy with diedre. i definitely look more tired and overheated in todays picture!

other than feeling way sicker this pregnancy--things have been going great!

my tests have all been really good (i just had an appointment yesterday and i do not have gestational diabetes, which is always good to hear :). i'm very happy with my weight gain so far since i knew what i was getting into and i have been making an effort to make healthy choices and cook at home alot.

diedre got her 18 month immunizations yesterday and did really well (other than being really cranky most of the day, the actual doctor's appointment was good).

i'm also excited that i have lined up a bit of work to bring in a little extra money before having two kids. we are also trying to find renters for october 1st since our great renters are moving in with family. there will be lots to do before getting someone else in there (well, mostly replacing blinds since their cats ruined ours).

today was an excellent day and i get to wrap it up by going to a course for childcare volunteers at church. a night out! ha ha


silly dressed-up toddler

diedre wanted to swing with her baby


diedre got some clothes from my friend today and she wanted to try them on

and more clothes on top

here she is wearing two pairs of pants, a skirt, a dress and an athletic jacket