Wednesday, May 31, 2006

16 weeks pregnant

the baby is about the size of an avacado now. it is about 3.5 oz and will double in length and weight in the next 3 weeks!

i'm still having barfing spells but i'm hoping it ends soon :)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

family fun with lots of baby animals

on saturday we went down to support the elks who were serving a pancake breakfast and an all day bbq. there was also a petting zoo that we thought diedre would like.

diedre spins the wheel for candy

watch her in action

petting zoo

video of some crazy kids

i try to entice diedre to pet a duckling and a kid

Thursday, May 25, 2006

baby boy v

one of brent's students made a blog for eli

brent & kristin with eli kaleb vanhulsentop born thursday may 25th at 4.40am. weighing 7lbs 4oz
length 51cm (approx 20 inches)

kristin & eli

new dad brent did good. he stayed in the delivery room the whole time (3 hours) but his mom cut the cord (he is very queasy with the sight of blood had started off the pregnancy saying he would not be able to attend--so we are all very proud of him!)

kristin did great! she had a fast labour that she said was bearable without drugs and no tearing! wow

mom & babe

craig's first digital photo

derek with eli


me & the latest baby boy in our group of friends (so far 5 boys)

cute little bundle

Friday, May 19, 2006

horses and another playdate!

diedre checking out the rodeo horses in today's newspaper

hmmm, which one should i pick?

how about this one?

later, we headed to joanna's to visit with some friends and their kids.

cute kids

enjoying the sand

shawn & joanna's new lower deck and flower bed

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hot hot day

we went over to see David on tuesday. it was sooo hot.

here's a video of diedre walking

i asked if we could turn on the sprinkler, and joanna put it onto the slide. diedre loved it. david was a little afraid of the water.

sprinkler time!

here's a video of diedre enjoying the sprinkler

getting much cooler

playing with a dump truck

david giving diedre a push on the swing

Monday, May 15, 2006

playdate with tyson

here's tyson (11 months old--been walking for 2 months!!!) and stef. we met stef, joel and tyson through church and are really enjoying getting to know them. stef's parents have babysat for us a few times and we went out to a movie with stef & joel. it was great!

diedre and stef in our backyard

pretty bonnet

tyson is quite adventurous, he was exploring all over the yard

looking like 'little miss priss'

silly face

"how you doin'?"

diedre decided to go through stef's bag

all done!

here's a video from earlier that day:

diedre plays ball

we haven't gotten it on video yet, but when diedre sees a ball she yells out "a ball, a ball, a ball!" its soooo cute.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

happy mother's day

first off,

Happy Mother's Day to our wonderful Moms!!! xoxoxo

i got a coupon for a free McDonald's breakfast on Mother's Day...however, i didn't notice until i was in line that the coupon was only good in the next town, not ours, so i bought myself one anyway. here is diedre enjoying the hashbrown.

diedre and i enjoyed some playtime at the park before church. derek was at worship practice and there's a park right next to the church. diedre has been walking since Friday, May 12th. she is doing pretty good.

here is diedre walking

here is diedre meeting some small dogs

hallo? sparky? you look like a silly doggy

our mother's day photo

Saturday, May 13, 2006

hambleton family reunion

this is from my mom's side: big smiles, big teeth is the family resemblance. most of the labels are for my mom (so i didn't go indepth with explanations). i really enjoyed spending time with family. it was great to see family i see somewhat infrequently. one of the coolest things about this reunion was meeting my 3 cousins (who are american) who i have never met. we have a pretty small family and i only really knew one male cousin, so it was nice to meet another one. i guess there are 5 male cousins and lots of female. anyway, it was really cool to meet my aunt leslie's 3 grown children.

i will be getting more pictures from ron's daughter sarah, from ottawa.

swimming! brrr it was cold, but they didn't want to get out!

cousins and other relatives

sara and diedre with marguerite

cute little mama

jack & ron hambleton's kids

ron hambleton walking by. leslie's youngest daughter kerry on the right

kate & her boyfriend gary

kate with diedre (i think gary is scaring her)

sara and diedre (thank goodness for cousins that love babies :) -- it is contagious though!)


beverly (leslie's older daughter)

the llama feeding group

miles eating the rind

cute little walker. she's been walking alot the last two days.

miles playing ping pong

i think this is such a cute booty shot! ha ha, takes after her mommy


derek roughing up miles (make sure to check out his site for more fun pics from the last few days)