Wednesday, August 31, 2005

welcome baby liam!

liam david arrives.
our friends ben & rose had their first child on august 31 at 4.31am.

after several hours of labour, the baby was in distress so rose had a c-section. 10 minutes and their son was born. :) congratulations!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

diedre's half birthday present

diedre receives a half-birthday present from took us two days to get to the store to get it

here she is playing with the present (after spending a good five minutes playing with the bag, before seeing what was inside.) she quickly learned how to pull the rings off of the stack. its a giraffe with a long tail that has stackable soft rings on it.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

redwood park antics

cousins having fun on the swings

lots of fun

seriously now...

miles makes friends with a nice dog in the park

diedre and i relaxing in redwood park while the guys searched the bushes for a red bocci ball...if anyone sees it, let me know, b/c we have to replace could save us $14 US

Friday, August 26, 2005

Happy Half Birthday Diedre!

my baby is 6 months old today!

here are some milestones she has reached:
-can sit up assisted
-loves to eat rice cereal; has also eaten peas and squash
-can drink from a cup (assisted) and a sippy cup
-is very chatty (says: mum mum and da da da and baa--and will sometimes repeat it back to us if we try to get her to say it)
-responds to her name
-gives us lots of smiles
-can roll both ways
-creeps along the floor to get places
-can push buttons or flick switches to turn music on (on her toy or play mat)
-loves feeling different textures (animal fur, hair, carpet, laminate flooring)
-loves animals (squeals with delight whenever she sees any)
-loves other kids and pretty much anyone who will give her a big smile
-loves baths...or the toys therein
-loves having her teeth brushed (well, really its her gums because although she is teething, she doesnt have any teeth that appear close to the surface at this point)
-loves the jolly jumper & likes the exersaucer & swinging (especially when we say "WeEe")
-loves it when we clap for her
-loves being outdoors, loves the wind in her hair/face and swimming
-does not like falling asleep (especially lately...we've been putting in alot of time and energy trying to get her to sleep...she looks tired, acts tired, but fights sleeping like crazy)

anyway, thats alot of info, but i figure someone out there might care...especially the grandparents

Thursday, August 25, 2005

daddy takes the camera

"i love my daddy! he's so good at feeding me! bring on the squash!"

double the fun

i babysat miles today. here's a picture of heather & diedre before her & andrew left.

here the kids are watching baby einstein

oh, must be an exciting part!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

enjoying her musical doggy

i love her silly look in this picture

here she is avoiding bedtime by playing some original xylophone compositions

bravo darling, bravo!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

after bath pics

not quite sure what i'm up to

cute little scraggly bangs & close-up of foot

6 months old this week

here are the babies born on (L to R) february 26 (diedre) , 25 (sophia; hayley & justin: twins) & 24 (aiden) from my prenatal class group

here they are 3 months old on may 25 at our class reunion: L to R: sophia, aiden, diedre, hayley & justin


on her own. having a drink of water after her morning nap.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

cuddly pets

touching noses

yep, sunday dinner is tasty

soft touch

ooh nice chair

super fun leather chair

we weren't sure if her gleeful expressions were from derek's soft arm hair or the chair...

jack & his parents came for lunch

Saturday, August 20, 2005

happy birthday shoanna

we had a joint birthday party for shawn (29) and joanna (30!) today. it was fun. good times at the lake and then back for a bbq.

kids enjoying the lake.

diedre got to feel dirt for the first time. she seemed to really like it. her hat was big and floppy so at first i heard a sucking noise and then noticed her hand was at her mouth but hadn't seen if she actually ate any dirt. there's a good chance she did though.

piles of babies

diaper shot

such little cuties

happy napping

diedre had a really good night last night, and a good day so far:
sleep by 6.45pm
awake for feeding at 4.30am
awake for the day at 7.55am
napped from 9am to 11am and thats when i found her looking cute through the railing. when she naps its so cute too, she rolls the other way on her side facing the wall, holds onto the railing with one hand and rests her feet against the rails too.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

milestone: full roll over

diedre has been rolling back to front for over a month. today, she rolled front to back. she is so mobile. this morning she was travelling all over the bed! what a girl, she's on the move now!

diedre loves those feet...they're getting bigger!

checking out the kitty. she loves animals. she squeals when she sees them and loves to pet them.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

carabin's see ya bbq

the carabins are heading out for more travels again so we threw them a bbq. they are actually moving into the farm after us (all there stuff is stacked into one room). we move out sep 24 and they will be back from their travels by oct 3. we are so glad they will live here, then we can all still enjoy the farm :)

dressed for the bbq

miles comes over to visit his lil' cousin...i even saw him playing with one of the ears on baby d's hat--so cute!

david tries to strike up a convo with the lady in yellow...or maybe he just recognizes the exersaucer (his grandma has the same one)

miles, looking so grown up these days, poses with his dad

Sunday, August 14, 2005

kids are crazy for rick

rick cracking up as diedre drinks from a water bottle with assistance

miles really missed rick

Saturday, August 06, 2005

bruce & susan's wedding

heather, miles and andrew before the wedding started.

diedre waiting for the wedding to start

the exciting wedding (grandma jen was matron of honor)

the bridesmaids (my cousins)

heather & diedre, derek & miles dancing to the live band. they were a super fun band. Billy Dixon and his Soul Train Express. derek loved dancing with diedre all night.

loving the llama...i wish i had video hosting...we were calling the llama "a kitty" (we call anything soft a kitty) and diedre was squealing at her! it was so cute.

diedre was a big hit with all my relatives. we all had such a great time.

good eats

first time eating rice cereal. she did pretty well and really seemed to enjoyed it. we all took turns feeding her.

Friday, August 05, 2005

busy fun day

grandma jen and grandpa richard get some early morning smiles from baby d

guys play darts while the ladies pick blackberries for tonight's dessert

lunch at white rock beach

diedre really loves the feel of grass in her hands...and lots of people trying to get her to smile is fun too

nice touristy shot of grammy & grandpa salmon

dinner at the mellenger's. diedre was really enjoying miles' leapfrog centre