Thursday, February 19, 2009

february 2009 & Valentine's Day

we celebrated my brother's birthday at their house.

here's my niece poppy, so cute!

audrey is wearing my fave outfit from when diedre was a baby.

diedre can really swing high these days

i took the kids to the beach one day to go for a walk

thankfully, i had mitts and hats in the van for my spur of the moment trip (it was after audrey's 4 month shots.)

Valentine's Party at Strong Start

we've been going to this free community program fairly regularly lately as it is a great opportunity for reading, songs, and gym time.

this was a gorgeous day, so the kids played at the school playground for a bit.

funny zeke's hair after a nap

Happy Valentine's Day!

audrey is still a total sweetie. she keeps a fairly regular napping/nighttime schedule. once in awhile she still feeds multiple times during the night, but i think thats related to teething.
at 4.5 months old she weighed 14lbs 13oz, nearly 1lb in one month! she measured 26 inches long, 2 inches of growth in a month!

we went out to visit my mom on Valentine's Day while derek worked.

we went to watch dump trucks dredging the fraser river.

zeke liked it

the kids in red

the trucks drove so fast

audrey enjoyed the fresh air

Valentine's Day with Daddy

we made cookies with grandma for daddy and pepere

we like to make valentines day special; derek buys for the girls, i buy for the guys.

diedre loves her monster balloon

the next morning before church, i suggested diedre write her name on the back of some valentines cards. ever since she came home from preschool last monday, she's been really interested in her name.

i wrote one example and off she went

she probably did 11 before she asked me to finish

then she wanted to do some for ezekiel

she wrote all 8 for him!

i'm so impressed!

then on wednesday, she said "mom, you wrote my letter wrong. you did it like this "i" and its supposed to be like this "I"." so i thought, okay, i guess she's ready to learn lowercase now. so i taught her the letters in her name. and then she asked me to teach her numbers 1 to 5. so exciting to have a little learner in the house!