Monday, December 29, 2008

dec 29 08: 3 months old!

she is sitting up really well

getting chubbier all the time

holding her own hands

chews on her hands constantly

i'm so behind in my posts its hard to think back. i guess 3 kids IS busy ha ha
audrey is still a very easy, content, well-fed baby. she is such a joy to have around and her brother and sister are still quite excited by her and she by them!
she still feeds once or more per night and is also teething so its still very random.

another 3 month milestone is jolly jumping!

so jolly

thats who's been making her smile

zeke is just below the max. weight of 28lbs...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas & Boxing Day

Merry Christmas!

audrey looks like she's being tickled by cloudy.

Christmas PJs shot

Christmas Morning Brunch

Pepere & Grandma came over to spend Christmas Day with us and a fabulous turkey dinner. i'm pretty disappointed that there are no pictures because the camera batteries died (i had to use the camera for videotaping since our handycam was out of tape argh and the weather was too bad to go get more, so then i had very few pictures and videotaping with the camera uses more battery power...and i guess i was too busy cooking/napping to recharge them :( . it still makes me feel a little sick to my stomach that i didnt get any christmas pictures of our kids opening gifts before my parents arrived. snif.

Merry Christmas again: aka Boxing Day!

Boxing Day family dinner at my brothers' in White Rock. They had soooo much snow and getting into their neighbourhood was tricky. The family all made it and we celebrated with Mellenger Grandparents, Gagne Grandparents, my brother & family and our family.

poppy & zeke hanging out

baby audrey all bundled to watch the kids sledding/snowboarding.

ezekiel is a real natural shredder (excuse the pink barbie snowboard ha ha)

diedre was good at riding her new board too

diedre, poppy and auntie heather sledding.

see more Christmas pictures here :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December before Christmas 2008

december has been too busy for me. i've not had time to blog and am really missing it. i'll try to catch up a bit!

West Coast Express Santa Train on Dec 6 more pictures here

diedre was in our churches production and sang:
I saw three ships
Caroling, caroling
Deck the halls

audrey tried the bouncy seat and loved it! that really helped with all the holiday baking i did. which i hope, "NOTE TO SELF" not to do so much of next year because it cost too much and was stressful and took too much time away from holding Audrey!

we took the kids rockclimbing with some friends

audrey wore a super-cute hat and waved at me :)

derek really got into decorating this year

we all went to see the Nutcracker Ballet

December part 1 photo album

December part 2 photo album

December Christmas Parties album

Friday, December 05, 2008

window & door renos

yes, this is ridiculously late. i will blame: a. the Christmas season and b. having 3 kids where at least one is awake between the hours or 7am and 11pm.


here is the photo album from facebook for the window and door renos that were completed on dec 5th.