Monday, December 29, 2008

dec 29 08: 3 months old!

she is sitting up really well

getting chubbier all the time

holding her own hands

chews on her hands constantly

i'm so behind in my posts its hard to think back. i guess 3 kids IS busy ha ha
audrey is still a very easy, content, well-fed baby. she is such a joy to have around and her brother and sister are still quite excited by her and she by them!
she still feeds once or more per night and is also teething so its still very random.

another 3 month milestone is jolly jumping!

so jolly

thats who's been making her smile

zeke is just below the max. weight of 28lbs...


Raquel said...

cute family!
I think you would enjoy this parenting forum i'm a part of
we have a born in 2008 group you'd like to. plus many others. hope to see you there

mellenger said...

who is the one who is getting chubbier. i couldn't tell from the picture. heheh.

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