Saturday, October 30, 2010

August 2009 Catch UP

 my matchy-matchy girls
 travelling dream-children
 tasting ice cream...she likes it!

 my nephew's 5th birthday party--so fun! and creative

 Pepere's birthday

 camping trip 1: care group

 Sunday morning pancakes

 little photoshoot in front of my friend's house

 camping trip 2: the ol' friends group
 Camping Trip 3: Manning Park cottage with the GMHS group

July 2009

Catching Up

July 2009

Our family did a promotion for a country celebration we were helping to host at the church.
Audrey having much fun with the sprinkler!

Dinner with Superman & Cinderella

my 2 daughters being silly in diapers :)


June 2009

Catching UP.

June 2009 mentionables: The pictures keep uploading sooo out of order but because this is nearly a YEAR ago, i dont have the patience to arrange them.

Audrey finally standing. about 8 months old.

Zeke on the job with Daddy

Diedre brave enough to climb the new structure at the water park and Zeke to practice skateboarding

Ballet School Show

Celebrating Diedre's performance as a bunny for her ballet school show.

Celebrating Father's Day