Saturday, March 29, 2008

15 weeks pregnant

here i am. done the first trimester. still getting sick sometimes...

but finally feeling better all around. my energy level is still low because i'm not getting enough rest during the night with ezekiel's night wakings. i'm really trying to wean him from nursing (update: i had success and his final nursing day was april 2)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

family fun day march 26

bouncy castle action shots

ezekiel was fairly unsteady. he really liked it this time but i tried one more and it was too much for him.

family fun day bouncy castle

random cute hug picture from a visit from my mom

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Derek & Heather's Combo Parties - March 22

Hayward Lake trail walk

the kids play on the heap of gravel

the whole group

toddlers exploring the creeks

ezekiel standing up tall

jumping to daddy

david and miles play on the bendy tree

diedre hangs from the tree

zeke brushes himself off

Family Birthday Dinner at Gagne Grandparents

uncle derek getting wrestled

cake with lights

the birthday man and lady getting ready to eat the cake mom & i made (its a derek favorite: angel food cake, with a moat cut out, filled with pudding, then the top put back on and the whole thing gets covered in coolwhip).

Friday, March 21, 2008

fun firsts

diedre and i (b/c i happened to be the sunday school teacher that month) are singing song for the church, we're the two at the far right.

castle fun park

diedre got to ride some amusement rides

ezekiel in a fancy car

diedre riding a donkey

kids play elmo's keyboard computer game

did they ever love it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Derek's 32nd Birthday - March 13

receiving some shirts that diedre picked out

reading my card

Off to Diedre's final swim lesson:

going to the wall

"motorboat, motorboat" game

assisted backfloat

i think these backfloat pictures are funny because she looks more like she's doing synchronized swimming. she was so shy of this teacher it took her 3 out of 8 lessons to get comfortable enough to partake in the class. she just doesnt trust enough to rest on his shoulder for the backfloat.

kids are randomly playing, teacher looks a little upset...

getting ready for a boat ride

enjoying the boat ride very much

cute expression on her little face

daddy and ezekiel on the slide

Birthday Dinner at Pizza Hut a Derek tradition

poor zeke didnt last during the car ride to the restaurant

daddy and his princess

very fancy birthday cake (mccain deep n' delicious). i was planning to make a proper cake for our family party a few days later.

Monday, March 10, 2008

very silly child...

very happy, he has a trick to share...

he can suck on his own toe

a trip to our favorite park march 8

ezekiel picked up a kid's helmet and started wearing it around. he loves hats and helmets too i guess.

action shot: a nice girl shared her ball with the kids

ezekiel excited to run

diedre going for the ball again

getting ready for a big kick

sushi with kids march 8

ezekiel figured out his own way to use a chopstick for sushi

he LOVED the california roll. i think he ate/mangled three of them.
there were some young adults eating sushi nearby and i overheard one of them saying "i wish my mom had brought me for sushi when i was a kid." ha!

the following is a gallery of my sparkling princess, doing her thing: