Saturday, May 31, 2008

24 weeks

well here i am at 24 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. its going well. weight gain has been reasonable, the baby's size is measuring right on target, several women in California told me it was a girl, i'm feeling pretty good other than finding out that ezekiel has chicken pox.

Monday, May 26, 2008

what diedre does when she plays alone...

erasable art on the arms

pretty impressive artwork for using her left hand

left arm

Thursday, May 22, 2008

California Trip May 14 to 21 2008

here is a quick overview of our trip:

we drove to Seattle and stayed overnight at the Super8 Motel (fyi: not super friendly, but somewhat clean and the breaky was free and out in time for when the kids woke up which was nice) where we paid for a park n' fly deal.

we flew out to LAX and met up at the airport with derek's parents, Grammy & Papa Salmon (who flew out from Syracuse NY, they live in Ontario) for a week visit to see derek's sister Marsha (or Auntie M) and Tracy, and to celebrate their graduation for their masters degree in education from Argosy University (same program).

here is the new graduate

we also went to Disneyland and mostly stayed in Fantasyland and the Princess area. while the others were waiting in line for diedre to get her picture taken with a couple princesses, i snuck her into the royal theatre for some Royal Lessons.
Royal Lessons Video

we went to Santa Monica beach one day. it was so smoking hot. the adults did not wear sunscreen (i think it was because we thought we'd only be in the sun for an hour) and that proved to be a very very bad idea--OUCH. we didnt see any celebs on our trip except that Grammy & Papa saw "darlene's boyfriend" from Roseanne at the beach.

here we are, salty but dry after the time at the beach.

those were just a few pics to generate interest, here is a more detailed overview of the trip:
picture album of our trip to California in May 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

my happy mother's day

here i am getting a card and gifts from the kids

a nice card from derek too

diedre is telling me that the candies she gave me are very good for sharing

yummy swedish berries, i've been craving these

westley comes out to wish me a happy mother's day too

and of course, we both have wonderful mothers. we spent all day with mine and had a very lovely day and we will be seeing derek's mom later this week when we all meet up in LA.

we really are blessed to come from such a heritage of mothers who care about the things of God as well as family and hospitality among many other things :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

20 weeks -- aka Half Way

20 weeks! this might be half-way although former pregnancies have gone longer.

after having my ultrasound last week, i'm feeling like its really real and coming soon. i'm excited about adding another little salmon to our family.

i dont get sick anymore, but i seem to be a little prone to near fainting or wooziness (for not eating or drinking often enough) and i'm still quite tired and wishing for more rest than i am getting. i still dont get very hungry but i have to make sure to eat frequently. one of the most mundane parts of my SAHM life is making snacks and meals all the time. i get so sick of doing it somedays. and all last week i got up early to make a healthy, well-balanced lunch for derek. we think he lost about 6 lbs from it! (not eating McD's & Tim Horton's donuts everyday!)

Friday, May 02, 2008

diedre's scholarly pursuits

ezekiel and diedre

mommy & daddy in the picture

mommy & daddy

i wrote MOM and then diedre did below