Saturday, May 03, 2008

20 weeks -- aka Half Way

20 weeks! this might be half-way although former pregnancies have gone longer.

after having my ultrasound last week, i'm feeling like its really real and coming soon. i'm excited about adding another little salmon to our family.

i dont get sick anymore, but i seem to be a little prone to near fainting or wooziness (for not eating or drinking often enough) and i'm still quite tired and wishing for more rest than i am getting. i still dont get very hungry but i have to make sure to eat frequently. one of the most mundane parts of my SAHM life is making snacks and meals all the time. i get so sick of doing it somedays. and all last week i got up early to make a healthy, well-balanced lunch for derek. we think he lost about 6 lbs from it! (not eating McD's & Tim Horton's donuts everyday!)


Lisa's Diet said...

Hi I find it amazing that you're having your third pregnancy, I can't only imagine at this point!

the salmon said...

it is amazing, you'll get there!