Wednesday, April 27, 2005

diedre talking to me while we take a break after cleaning the kitchen while daddy is mowing the lawn.

shhh baby's waking up because she's in her bassinet and daddy's home now...

shade of the walnut tree

our day out in the sun in the shade of the walnut trees...just like i had dreamt of during my pregnancy, different tree though, this one was giving better shade.

the breeze would gust every few moments and diedre would smile while her hair got tossed about.

Monday, April 25, 2005

enjoying the sunshine and the swing

Sunday, April 24, 2005

delena, russ and the salmons

we headed to squamish to go climbing and our climbing partners were going to be another 2 hours getting up there so we had time to kill. i called my stepsister delena to see if we could meet up to introduce her to diedre. she said they were just about to head out climbing but we were welcome to come by so they could see her.
we drove up to their newly built house. it is absolutely gorgeous, with gorgeous views and the utmost in convenience with rockclimbs nearby.

they extended their invitation and said we could come by the house anytime if diedre needed something or we did. so we went rockclimbing and danielle and i headed back to the house after a few hours while the guys kept climbing. it was a super sweet day.

my first day back on the crag since having a baby

diedre's first day outdoor rockclimbing

Saturday, April 23, 2005

5 year anniversary celebration

we were having a hard time figuring out what to do to celebrate our 5 years together. i wanted to do something alone and derek wanted to go climbing (which would require other people for help with diedre). so we did both. on saturday we went to seattle to site see. we had never been to seattle together.

daddy and diedre take a break from driving on our way to seattle

some cool art in seattle

diedre and i in front of the Experience Music Project

derek and the guitar sculpture

the space needle

derek and diedre in the space needle observation deck

salmon family in the space needle gift shop

Friday, April 22, 2005

celebrating on a sunshiney day

we happened upon this bridal party in we decided to crash the wedding

the wedding reception was held at vandusen gardens. the setup was so creative and for wedding cake they had a beautiful cupcake tree.

the salmons & the *NEW* dykstra's Posted by Hello


first time holding a toy, and here's the proof!

we also found out from a friend who was holding her that she is ticklish under her arms and on her feet. its so fun to tickle her and see her big smiles :D

a photo op

"i love these pretty flowers, they're just my size!"

"please, no more photos"

we had to use the lawn as a changing station for diedre's diapers since this particular hall at vandusen gardens did not have the proper setup for babies. it was nice to be outside in the shade with her. she was very happy to have her kicking time out there.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

rose's bridal shower at Brioche

diedre and i took a trip into vancouver for a bridal shower for rose.
karen has a real gift with babies and diedre was making the cutest little faces.

silly face

hi there!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

the bush administration

here are the guys doing treework at andrew's house. derek is up the tree and andrew was dragging brush, the pile on which he now stands.

cousins catching up on some play time

diedre and miles having so much fun playing with toys and looking at each other.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

before my baby wakes...

before my baby wakes up i just have to write this. she is napping on a pillow on my lap while i catch up on my blogging and do my email devos.

she normally eats every 2 hours. but it had just been one hour and i could see her making little fish lips with her mouth, rooting they call it, but she was totally asleep. so i fed her and she ate while she was sleeping. isnt that amazing! and she kept right on sleeping.

its a good thing adults can't do that, we have a hard enough time not eating when we shouldn't when we're awake, if we could eat when we're sleeping that would be crazy! you wake up and there's a blender with a some left over breakfast smoothy beside your bed...hmmm. (and of course i know that we CAN eat when we're sleeping, intravenously in the hospital, but i mean real food, like my baby eats).

Monday, April 18, 2005

daddy is so much fun

check out those cute feet

baby d looking at daddy

yummy fist

Sunday, April 17, 2005

bouncing baby to sleep

the good ol' fit ball comes out of storage...i haven't sat on it since feb 26 (when fit ball miraculously became a birthing ball...).

today was really interesting as far as parenting diedre went. i decided to go spend the day with heather and miles while the guys ran the sun run. diedre ate every two hours exactly with a one hour nap in between (ate at 8, 10, 12, 2, 4). then at 6 she ate, and again at 7. i was hoping she would want to sleep extra long since she was asking for an extra feeding. she fell asleep around 8 (when this picture was taken) with the use of the fit ball. it was really nice to have a fairly scheduled day...i'm curious to see what tomorrow is like, monday's are usually a gong show.

after the sun run


andrew is tired after just coming back from the sun run...miles is pulling his hair.

andrew being silly and miles not intending to be, but he sure looks silly.

derek giving diedre a new perspective

Saturday, April 16, 2005

bbq for my 27th birthday party

the guys and their shananigansanza part one...the shananigans got way more intense and dangerous, but i only heard about them, there is not photographic proof. here they were just trying to fly a hug plan/kite from costco while shirking their bbq responsibilities.

here i am trying to blow out a lot of candles on a way-too-big cake...i was unsuccessful but was smiling too big to get the rest.

here are some of our friends enjoying the party. derek thought it was one of the best gatherings we've had in years. lots of good quality hanging out.

a tour of Diedre's room

her crib, swing and a very colourful quilt to look at.

here is another quilt and her dresser.

here is the reading and toy corner.

here is some artwork (note: giraffe and llama look very similar according to IKEA) and her closet.

here is a closeup of closet...derek thinks she has more clothes than either of us...i'm not so sure, but she sure does have many!

no more sleeping in

poor derek, he doesn't know that diedre and i usually get up at 8am (for a little while, then nap at 9am) so here he is on a saturday morning taking a picture of her looking outside

the rounder faced princess

someone's getting chubby cheeks...i wonder if its from chewing on the elephant's ear? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Mommy

salmon family enjoying an evening out at Washington Avenue Grill for my 27th birthday.

well, now that i'm a new mom, my birthday evening was really not about me. sure, i got the free meal but diedre was getting all the attention. we began the evening with her needing a good feeding. i was hoping it would be a dimly lit restaurant but no, it was very bright at 7pm when we got there. we were seated in the middle of the restaurant. many people had seen our beautiful baby as we came in so we were in no way able to lay low. i was blushing, but i just fed her regardless. she's a quick feeder anyway so it was only 15 minutes of weirdness...

diedre giving tribute to her mommy...or just playing with her tongue. she was being so cute after her dinner.

she was starting to get more and more tired...and then she got fussy.

there was live music (the musician came over and told us how beautiful she is) and it was quite loud. it was a challenge trying to get her to sleep in that environment. a grandma at the next table said "i'll hold her if you'll let me so you can get something to eat." and reached her arms out...i passed my baby over and quickly ate my Coho Salmon with orange sauce. then i took her back and helped her go to sleep.

praying? maybe, well she was asleep and doing really well. we ate our dessert (peanut butter pie was soooo yummy and derek had chocolate fondue) and then headed over to andrew and heathers where i was given my birthday gift (from derek, andrew & heather, and mom & dad salmon).

my ipod mini
its a fun blue colour. very light weight and holds 1000 songs. i'm excited to get it all ready to go (but being a new mom, it takes alot of time to organize things because you gotta do stuff quickly while baby sleeps). it will be great to use to go on walks with diedre since she always sleeps. how fun! thanks for that!