Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006

More Birthday pics below!

The day after Diedre's birthday, my harddrive was wiped clean and i lost all my pictures. my brother did some great work and managed to retrieve most of them. there are still many missing/gone of her opening presents and of the guests at the party :( but i have posted a few extra pictures below.

i am very thankful that i was able to post some on the blog right away, because those ones were not recovered by my brother.

Heather & Danielle (and anyone else who may have taken pictures there), can you please email me what you have so i can possibly fill in the blanks?

thank you!


hard at work

grampa & derek hard at work in the suite. they got so much done while they were together. fixing a closet door, ventilating the furnace room, painting, drywalling a patch by the electrical panel, general maintenance and we all pitched in with cleaning. grammy was in there doing the final scrub job on the oven too!

the suite looks much better and we got tenants for march 1st!

diedre didn't help, but she sure looked cute!

she really likes this My Little Pony bag

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Happy First Birthday Party, Diedre!

diedre's butterfly birthday cake & cupcakes

balloon flower & butterfly decorations (there were three bunches of these)

some of the kids playing with the kitchen accessories

family shot on her birthday

a little shocked about me blowing out the candle for her

mommy helping with the cake

daddy feeding diedre cake & ice cream

Mother Goose

opening her gift from Grandpoppa & Grandma Mellenger. they left it here with us over Christmas just in case they were not able to make it out.

isn't she sweet in her sunday morning outfit? grammy salmon really wanted to try putting her hair up and i was game. i have never really experimented with her hairstyles since it is too short for two piggies, but i think she looks so sweet :)

Peanut Butter

derek said it was time for her to try peanut butter. he spread some on a Baby Mum Mum. she really liked it.

feeding a little chipmunk

Coolest Kitchen Ever

Happy Birthday from mommy & daddy and grandma jen & grandpa richard.

she loved the kitchen.

grampa salmon teaching diedre to "scramble eggs"

diedre really enjoying "scrambling eggs"

thanks mom & richard!!! xoxo

Let the Birthday Fun Begin!

opening gifts from auntie M (derek's sister Marsha). Thanks auntie M, the gifts are great and she loved the card too! xoxo

diedre opened up some gifts from family members who would not be making it to the party.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Friday, February 24, 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006

salmon grandparents have arrived!

we're not sure how this happened, she must have laughed her sleeper off...

that didn't take long at all! she warmed up quickly to her grandparents (she hasn't seen them since she was 5.5 months old).

Here are two really cute videos of diedre enjoying some family time:


Ei ei ei

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Monday, February 20, 2006

photo shoot

hey you!

i'm coming to get you mommy


my new robe is so comfy, great for lounging

ok, my coach is on the scene. i'm ready for my boxing match.

you wanna piece o' me?!

just kidding!!!


fun times with my big bear

hanging out

snuggle attack


wrestling moves

even though diedre is sick, she is still in a good mood most of the time and doing cute things all over the place to make me laugh :)

everything i learned about orchids, i learned from Adaptation

derek bought me a beautiful orchid a few months ago. i let it die. i was so sad about it. its my favorite kind of flower (ever since watching Adaptation) and i had really really wanted one for a long time. so i found one at Superstore, it had two stems with many unopened buds. i tried and tried to nurture it, and so far it has survived. its been a month or so, i have waited patiently as several buds have bloomed. its so gorgeous, i had to share my victory :)

beautiful orchid

so many blossoms

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

ok, just one more

happy milk smile. this warms my mothering heart...it also makes my heart hurt to think how big my baby is now! but anyway, i just had to share one more. so cute. my sweet baby D

video taped (in the dark--thats why its such poor quality) on march 26 2005.


this video is from yesterday!

thanks so much to my big brother andrew for teaching me how to upload videos onto my blog. (i own the domain name for choice climbing and have been paying hosting for the last few months but have not used it for anything until today!)

how exciting :)


this video is from october 20 2005

the giggle

this video is from september 14 2005

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Diedre's First Valentine's Day

"Be My Valentine Diedre, Love Daddy"

reading her card

opening her gift

kiss from derek

another kiss

Fun Times With Her Ride-On Car

enjoying her car

silly face

standing behind her car. she stood for the first time behind her car on sunday morning and took a few steps.

up and at 'em

We had a fun Valentine's Day. It was very cold out but we went to the park anyway. Diedre is really enjoying crawling around the children's play area and going down the slide.

We all went out for Japanese dinner and then home for a quiet evening in. We are looking forward to when Grammy and Grampa Salmon arrive next week so Derek and I can go on a date!