Saturday, March 08, 2008

12 weeks pregnant

here is the belly. it looks pretty high since my pants are so low riding, but i guess the part that sticks out isnt actually the baby anyway! ha ha

the baby is about the size of a lime, just over 2 inches.

i'm still getting sick almost every day, as a result of not eating at the right time. my energy level seemed to be going up but then i realized i can only handle about 3 hours of activity before i crash. and if my nap gets interrupted (yes, i've been very blessed with diedre being fairly cooperative with quiet time while ezekiel and i nap for an hour and a half) or i cant fall asleep fast enough to get a decent amount of rest, the afternoon is very difficult.

diedre talks about "new baby" everyday and ezekiel is still my in nursing too frequently for my liking. i try to give him a cup of milk as much as i can, but sometimes he will NOT take it and wants to nurse, so i do. i dont want my last weeks of nursing to be annoying, but i find he is so unwilling to wean that i am not enjoying the early (sometimes very early) morning feeds, although the daytime feeds are okay.


Lisa's Diet said...

Wow your pregnant again and still nursing I can't imagine what that's like.

the salmon said...

ya, its not a big deal now that its down to once a day really. EARLY mornings.