Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December before Christmas 2008

december has been too busy for me. i've not had time to blog and am really missing it. i'll try to catch up a bit!

West Coast Express Santa Train on Dec 6 more pictures here

diedre was in our churches production and sang:
I saw three ships
Caroling, caroling
Deck the halls

audrey tried the bouncy seat and loved it! that really helped with all the holiday baking i did. which i hope, "NOTE TO SELF" not to do so much of next year because it cost too much and was stressful and took too much time away from holding Audrey!

we took the kids rockclimbing with some friends

audrey wore a super-cute hat and waved at me :)

derek really got into decorating this year

we all went to see the Nutcracker Ballet

December part 1 photo album

December part 2 photo album

December Christmas Parties album


ramblin'andie said...

Wow, you accomplish so much! I'm impressed. And the nutcracker ballet! I was just saying how much I'd like to take Elisabeth to that. I'm sure she'd love it. Something to put on my list for next year!

Happy New Years, Amanda!

amanda salmon said...

it was fun. my mom took me to the vancouver ballet last Christmas, and i wanted to bring the family to that one again, but time was marching on and i saw that the local theatre was putting on the ballet, so i decided to just go there. when the kids are older, we can make the trip out to van :D