Saturday, September 27, 2008

41 weeks pregnant: will it ever end???

pregnancy 3
september 27 2008
41 weeks

well, pastdue. not many people make it to the full 41 weeks :D

here i am at 41 weeks 2nd pregnancy, with ezekiel (i can really see the difference that the extra 12-15lbs i gained this pregnancy, over last time--especially in the face!).

sorry for the crazed look in my eyes...derek was teasing me and i was getting frustrated but wanting to get the shot anyway!

i have been pregnant since around the end of december 2007!!! thats a loooong time!!!

i had some good contractions early friday morning and again later in the day but nothing that lasted. they are definitely getting stronger and lasting a little longer, but sporadically.

i saw my dr. on tuesday, he was pretty hopeful that i would go soon. i was only dilated a cm and so he couldnt really do a good membrane sweep, but he tried a bit. he said baby's head was definitely lodged in place now. baby still moves a fair bit which makes me think that he/she is nowhere near ready to come out...but then again, i obviously am providing a very large area for baby to hang out in ha ha...just like with ezekiel, and he was only 7lbs 11oz! (usually the slow down in activity of baby is related to not having much space left within which to move).

i'm scheduled for induction on wednesday, october 1st. i am requesting that its only a water break, but if i'm not having contractions, they might have to use the gel...i guess we'll have to see what happens. i am being allowed to go 11 days overdue, but they wont let me go more than that. i really hope i go before having to be induced...i am trying to trust that God knows the best timing (ie. ezekiel having 3 nights of fevers. he is in his crib for the second night tonight, but he did end up in our bed fairly early on last night). so it might be another 4 or 5 days depending on if the induction works fast or not...pray that i go naturally! i really would like for my water to break at home so i can know to head to the hospital for real!


mellenger said...

when is the induction scheduled for?

the salmon said...

they always get you to call in at 7am, then they let you know if you can come in or not, or when to call back.

with ezekiel i had to call back every hour because there was a snowstorm starting and they were concerned about staffing.

i'm pretty sure i could still get bumped a day if the ward is full on wednesday. so we'll see what they say, or dont say, since i'm totally going to go into labour before wednesday! ha!

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