Saturday, September 13, 2008

one week until the EDD

pregnancy 3
september 13 2008
39 weeks

is it just me, or does that belly look WAAAY fuller than last weeks??

anyway, i had a good week of trying to induce labour but it did not happen. as far as yesterday's doctor's appointment, i found out there was no change from when i saw him at the hospital on tuesday night. i had 2 hours of some fairly decent contractions last night and some late in the day/evening today too. so i am probably progressing a bit now as i had no contractions all week until last night.

we went out baby shopping as a family last night. we let the kids pick a few little things to give baby. derek wanted to be in on buying a few new receiving blankets and diedre and i picked out some fabric to make larger sized blankies for swaddling.

i borrowed a serger from a friend to make the blankets and hope that diedre can help out a bit as a craft.

my mom decided to come by for a visit and surprised me with an offer to take the kids to her house for a sleepover and we'll meet up to return them to me tomorrow afternoon. it was such a blessing to hear that offer! i was actually going to ask her if she'd like to do that, but i hadnt had the chance yet! so i'm hoping to have a good nights sleep, sleep in and have the morning to myself (derek's going to work i think). ahhh so nice!

another change from today is that we decided to hire a doula. i was just feeling so anxious about going into labour without my doctor and i've just been feeling really low confidence about being assertive at the hospital and not giving into things like last time. so i would say that God orchestrated this situation as i just found out a woman i know is a doula about a week ago. i dont know her so much that it cant be a professional relationship. so i'm excited to have found this lovely Christian woman who will be there to support Derek and I in delivery regardless of when it happens. we just met today at noon and worked out the details. we'll just have to see how it goes from here.


Sue said...

hey! lots of posts to catch up on! whew. i was really sick for the last 24 hours, so i haven't been as blog-active. ik. thankfully i had an awesome sleep lsat night, and i am on the mend. (just in time for labor to start i hope!!)

no baby here yet... my midwife wants to 'get things started' as soon as i'm feeling strong again(post-sickness and all).

your fall schedule sounds lovely. i always look forward to my weekly biblestudy with friends.... so refreshing!!

what will you be studying?

the salmon said...

ah, too bad about being sick! glad to hear you are on the always have to wonder when someone stops blogging right when they're due!

well, its tuesday today, so 4 more days until my doctor comes back...i'm okay if baby holds on til then or later (oct 5 is the latest date i've set in my mind!).

i dont know what we'll be studying yet. i guess i'll just find out when i go. it sounds like its a group thats been going for a few years.

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