Wednesday, September 17, 2008

our day

my mom met us at my house because we were planning to head into Langley to hang out for the day.

me and the kids at McDonald's for breakfast this morning while my mom got her hair cut.

diedre enjoying bubblegum icecream after a nutritious lunch.

ezekiel runs free around the food court with Grandma in tow.

diedre drew a lovely picture of one of her kittens on the way home. mom & i were totally impressed! way to go.

so last night i phoned Maternity about a change in my situation, which they said sounded like my mucus plug (yay!) and then i asked about if there was a way to know if you're losing amniotic fluid. so they advised that i wear a pad overnight and call in the morning if it was saturated. so thats what i did.

i went in and they assessed me and i am absolutely not leaking any fluids. the Dr. on call said she doesnt think i'll be going into labour anytime soon (but she did not do an internal). we shall see.


mellenger said...

Great picture Diedre. I'm impressed too.
Auntie Heather

Sue said...

hahaha, gotta love how 'encouraging' the nurses can be eh? "DEFINITELY not going into labor any time soon"...ooh boy. i hope FOR your sake, she is wrong!! :)

hang in there!! i'm with ya!