Saturday, September 06, 2008

38 weeks: 2 or more weeks to go

pregnancy 3
september 6 2008
38 weeks

things are happening in my body. preparing for this delivery. i had a doctor's appointment yesterday and he said my cervix was very soft, shortening/thinning and easy to find (i guess it goes from pointing to the back to pointing up front, which is where mine is), he also said the head is very low. so i'm thinking that all the labour pains i had on tuesday night probably helped get me to that stage thankfully!

he encouraged me that if i want to bring on labour, then go ahead and get more active, if i want to keep the baby in there, by all means keep trying to rest, but its a fine time to get things moving. my plan is to get moving, walking, hopefully go to the park whenever i have visitors to help with the kids, chasing the kids etc. and hopefully get some contractions happening.

i had a nice date with my friend last night. we had delicious Greek food and then went and did maybe 5 laps of this really well lit track. it didnt actually bring on any real contractions until later, it was just a painful hard belly.

hoping to see something happen b/c i need to either deliver this week or skip a week (13-19th) when my doctor is away!

so go baby go!


Alvin & Denise Engler said...

Did you get a haircut? It looks lovely. Fun that you have the go-ahead to do everything you can to get that baby out. Make sure to balance it with rest too!

Anxious and excited to hear!


the salmon said...

no new haircut, but thanks! it might have been parted more to the left or something :)

i try to go go go during the day, then by 8pm, i'm like, ohh,i really hope i dont go into labour now! ha ha

then i also get really scared anticipating what labour really is, and think, maybe being 15 days late wouldnt be so bad :D