Tuesday, September 16, 2008

achievements & humour

an ezekiel story:
ezekiel asked to go pee on diedre's potty this morning (so far he has only been using the actual toilet and potty seat). so i took off his diaper, he sat on the potty, nothing happened.

then i had to go on the toilet, he comes in saying "excuse me mama" and i said, "oh, i'm on here, go on the potty."
so he sits on it for a second, stands up and i see he is having poop escaping from his bottom, so i jump off the toilet and say, "no, good boy, sit back down and finish." but he was pretty much done, so it broke off and i took the tray, dumped it in the big toilet, sat him on that. then he wanted to say "bye poo" and flush. well done little guy! totally your call, if only you could sit still longer than a second :)

a diedre story:
diedre was playing with a shoelace in the kitchen and i overheard her say "No zeke, you can't play with this. i'm having a 'traction."

HA HA. i guess she's heard me say that i'm having contractions so i cant get up to do something alot lately!

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