Monday, September 22, 2008

another assessment with no progress

we really wanted me to go into labour yesterday after having a nice family weekend and kind of dreading another day alone at home, in pain, watching the kids.

i went for a really nice walk that hurt so bad but i just kept on walking hoping that it would help bring on some real labour.

around 6.30pm i started getting contractions every 5 or so minutes. then they got more intense by 6.50pm and continued that way for about 2 hours. some of them were making me feel light-headed and needing to sit down, others just felt like they were "good" painful.

so we headed to the hospital to hopefully deliver this baby.

the charge nurse did an internal, said that my cervix was 2 cm long (my dr. said it was less than a cm over a week ago :S) and that it was still closed. pretty disappointing considering i was really hoping all the pain of last week could've gotten me to at least 3 or 4 cm! the nurse seemed somewhat hopeful and said that we'd do the monitoring strip then i could walk around there for awhile and see if i progress more (and save from driving all the way home).

on the monitoring strip, baby looked great (always does) and i only had 3 hard contractions in half an hour so the charge nurse said i'd have to go home.

we asked for clarification on her internal diagnosis since it was so different from what my dr. had recently said. she explained and then also said that when she touched baby's head, it scooted out of my pelvis, which is not great because it is not keeping pressure on my cervix to dilate it. i was sooo disappointed. i cried for awhile after she left the room. she had said once the real contractions start, it will force baby into the pelvis and it wont be able to pop out anymore. i just felt like my body isnt working properly and that because i carry out front like a basketball, the weight of the baby is on my stretched out abs and skin and not focused down into my pelvis.

obviously, eventually, this baby will come out, but after that diagnosis, i just want to forget about it happening anytime soon...but then there's the it makes it hard to forget.


ramblin'andie said...

oh Amanda, I definitely feel your pain. I had to be induced with both my babies - Davey was 12 days overdue and Elisabeth 7 days overdue. I sure felt like I was abnormal since I couldn't go into labor on my own. And those last weeks are so awful...just trying to walk from the car to the grocery store had me crying it hurt so much.

I hope this stubborn little baby comes soon.

ihahlen said...

praying for you and for quick safe delivery happening soon! God bless

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that things aren't really progressing....
just hoping that this little one finds it way SOON!!! and that you don't have to be induced....

Jamie said...

Hey Amanda - I'm feeling your frustration! I hope that this little baby makes an entrance on his/her own in the next short while!

the guynups said...

here's hoping for more 'good' contractions! (that's what i call them too, more pain more gain...or so we hope) can't wait for the 'baby's here!' post!

the salmon said...

thanks ladies :)

andie: it does feel good to hear someone else who felt this way physically! not that i'd wish that on anyone!