Sunday, September 14, 2008

my fall plans

my previous fall plans were:
sunday: weekly: morning church and sunday school for diedre
tuesday: weekly: morning Christian preschool club for diedre and ezekiel, with the option of leaving her there while i go out on errands
wednesday: every two weeks: morning: ladies bible study with childcare provided
wednesday: first & 3rd of each month: morning: MOPS (which i would only attend when it didnt co-incide with the bible study).

well, there have been some changes. the tuesday Christian preschool club has been cancelled.
and, i have not been feeling settled about going to the wednesday bible study. not really sure why, but it just has been feeling like its from another church, i'll have 3 kids, thats alot for a babysitter who already has a huge group to care for. now that i know the preschool club isnt happening, i've been thinking about another option for diedre.

then i remembered about MOPS. it has a terrific preschool class for 2-3 year olds. so that also means ezekiel can go in the same class with diedre in November/December. i think it will be really good for their bonding and adjusting to the new baby, to get to go to that together. ezekiel loves crafts and feels more secure when his sister is around (although he usually does really well on his own at the church nursery, he has often had issues at MOPS nursery).

and, i was also invited to be part of a wednesday bible study from a lady in my caregroup just after i had committed in my mind to my previous fall plans. her bible study runs every wednesday, so i could still go to it when i feel up to it on the MOPS off-weeks.

so i feel excited about this new decision.

sunday: weekly: morning church/sunday school for diedre.
wednesday: first & 3rd of each month: morning: MOPS (where i've offered to be a table leader like last year, which requires phone calls and leading discussions--but its very low-key) and preschool class for the kids together.
wednesday: every week ongoing: morning: ladies bible study with childcare provided (for my MOPS off-weeks).

the positive things about this schedule:
-wednesdays/midweek will be my scheduled day (which will probably be good for the kids, to have a routine, but not a hectic one).
-my kids will be together in a preschool club.
-i have really been feeling like God has given me the desire and ability to encourage other women and now i will have that opportunity at both MOPS and the ladies bible study (especially since the lady i know invited me for that purpose).
-i like having several "free" days during the week so i can go to a playgroup if i like, or just stay home, having no schedule.
-my commitment to MOPS as a discussion leader was really appreciated, but the coordinator really made me feel like this year she is really relying on God to make up the team. it just feels like we will be all sharing the responsibilities, and no one position is on one person's shoulders. also, the focus of the group sounds like it is changing to be more inclusive (sharing duties with the attendees), paying for childcare (it is always the most stressful part of the group, finding good workers), but also being more deliberate in purpose rather than just a social club as has been in previous years (which was part of my issues with the group the first year).

on another note,
i've been waiting for several ladies to have babies around now. its always so exciting to me to find out the dates and times, what they name the baby, and how things went in delivery.

so far, one (Bonnie, a church/facebook friend) has had hers on the 13th and another (kelly) may have also yesterday (i havent seen any updates on her blog yet), my friend leah who was due a week before me (i havent heard yet) and then there's me and one more (sue) left that i'm waiting to here about. oh, and there's 2 or 3 from MOPS that i will find out about on Oct 1st when it starts up again! so far, i dont have any times or names, just the date for Bonnie.

exciting, none-the-less!

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