Saturday, September 27, 2008

our trip to apple barn

we met up with the mellengers at apple barn today. here they are having such fun on the humongous bouncy pillow.

ezekiel proved to be a bunny handler. he picked them up fairly precariously but they were so calm in his arms. he held so many different bunnies!

our family and miles

ezekiel picking apples

the big kids heading back from picking apples

farmer diedre

very cool horsey swings

derek was running ezekiel thru the low hanging leaves and he was making the cutest tickled expressions :)

diedre's first pony ride

ezekiel's first pony ride

the kids posed for a picture, they didnt actually ride like this! we don't want to get apple barn in trouble :D

on a very bumpy hayride. at 41 weeks pregnant, i say "bring on the bumpiness" but the bales of hay seats were very hard.

so all that walking around, picking apples, the hayride havent brought on any contractions yet :(
i guess its still not time.

full album of our apple barn experience

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