Thursday, September 25, 2008

fun times

i had a very busy day yesterday.

9.30am i went to the new bible study group that i'm planning to be a part of on the wednesday's when MOPS is not happening. it was such a lovely group and i really think the study will be great (Character Counts by Chuck Swindoll). the kids knew the babysitter (they met her last week when she babysat for us) and played really well with the kids there.

11.45am i dropped off the kids at joanna's so that i could help out while sharon and lynn from caregroup came by to clean for me. the timing was a little different than i was expecting so i had an hour alone before the ladies showed up. sharon's husband also showed up around 1.30pm when i left to go get the kids because ezekiel was majorly crashing (getting sick then).

2pm ezekiel woke up from his very short nap, not rested and having a bit of a fever. the ladies were still cleaning (they managed to get the bathroom totally done, steam cleaned my bedroom carpet, washed out the whole fridge, swept and mopped all the floors--which was soooo awesome!!!) so i brought him into diedre's room to snuggle. he dozed for maybe a half hour more, but was pretty much just totally sick-looking :(

2.30/3pm my friend tracy arrived with her niece avery (also 3.5 years old) for a visit. the ladies wrapped up their cleaning and headed out. tracy helped me out with getting tylenol for ezekiel and any other little things i needed as my belly was in major pain from not having had a nap or really a rest since i just kept doing little things (and some big things) to help out or to direct my friends when they were cleaning.

here is our friend tracy, who we met when we lived in Whistler waaaay back when we were newlyweds, were on worship team together at the church there, who now lives in Hawaii with WYAM, came to visit with her niece avery (she's in the area for a week). i was a little bagged for the visit, but i assured tracy that i'm just way more mellow than i used to be back in the day...and she pointed out, very pregnant/overdue 4 days haha.

avery and diedre played so well together and totally hit it off. after they left, diedre kept saying things like:
i like that girl.
i want her to be my friend.
i could bring my princess dresses and we could dress up.
i want to play with her again.
i want to see her again.
we played really good with my kitties.

it was so cute! i dont really know how they could ever play together again as we dont actually know her mom/dad, just her auntie from HAWAII! ha ha

today we went out to the monthly community children's events so diedre could get her face painted by the amazing artist who is always there. she is amazing! and its all FREE!!!

he got a ladybug on his hand.

ezekiel, feeling under the weather, stayed put in the stroller while diedre played in the bouncy castle, did a craft, got her face painted, etc.

now, just to justify why i went: yes, ezekiel had a fever during the night. he did not have one this morning. he crashed at 10 am so we had a nice long nap and woke up in time to head to the community event for the last hour of it. i figured he'd stay put in the stroller. he did seem to be feeling a little better (not having a teary eye or runny nose, but just kind of low energy).

i've been trying to get out to one of these events (they happen monthly) since may/june because the last time we went, diedre wanted her face painted but we just got there too late, then the next event was when she either had chicken pox (so we didnt go) or it was just after when she still had some spots so she couldnt really get painted.

and then i guess because of timing of the day and my pregnancy or whatever, i hadnt made it to another one.

and you know when you just want to do something special for your kid, and you know now is the time to seize the day, and so...well, that's why i did it. and ezekiel kept to himself (he did get out to play with a few toys at the very end, and then ran off into the bouncy castle, but was in there for about a minute before getting back out).

afterwards, we went by Tim Horton's and i got a sandwich combo for the kids (coffee for me) because it was only 1.30pm and i'd already napped. then i ordered take-out hot n' sour soup from a local chinese restaurant and went and picked that up.

we headed home, the kids continued with their craft/colouring from this morning (they did paper dolls), had lunch and i ate my soup.

now, being around 5.30pm, i've had the two bowls of soup i ordered. one mug of raspberry tea. and we are going to go walk around WalMart to see if i can get some contraction action going. i'm feeling very energetic (and should probably be using it to fold all the laundry in the livingroom) and so i think it would be a good night for labour!

here are a few more related pics

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