Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my encouraging doctor

well, i was reluctant to even go see my doctor today. i was going to cancel and just reschedule for either later in the week or next week since i was at the hospital on sunday night.

anyway, i'm glad i went. he said that the baby's head was no longer popping out of my pelvis. he said he was pushing pretty hard and it was staying in place. he did stir the pot a little (only one cm dilated) and encouraged me to get walking.

we started talking about him breaking my water and i said there is a good chance i'll be making it to October because thats next wednesday (which is crazy to think: my LMP was Dec 15 2007, so i've technically been pregnant since end of December 2007 all the way til October 2008...thats a very full 9 months!).

he also said he'd call the hospital to book my induction for Tuesday, September 30th (ten days overdue). i said, i was okay with it going longer if the baby and i were still healthy. and that i was okay with a water break but did NOT want to be chemically induced.

he said they would not let me go over the ten days because placental function is really good up until 14 days. he explained that the reason they like to start the induction process by ten days is that it will give a few days to work with within the safe limits of the placental function. he said, if you wait the full 14 days and then start when your baby is in distress, it increases likelihood of c-section or harm/stress to the baby (again, because i was not showing any signs of stress while carrying ezekiel, they were going to let me go 12 days over).

he called in and said "i bought you an extra day." and the induction (water break) is scheduled for Wednesday, October 1st (the same day that derek's parents arrive from Ontario to YVR). he said if we are open to getting called in earlier if a bed comes available, then he would. so we are open to that and i guess we'll wait and see.

my doctor really seemed to think that now that baby's head is definitely down, walking and the next few days should get me ready to go naturally.

so i drank three big mugs of raspberry tea, went on two walks and well, nothings happening :(

oh well, one of these days.

if i'm around tomorrow, it will be a good nesting day. two ladies from care group are coming over to clean (and my friend is going to watch the kids for me during that time), so i need to nap early. after they leave, i have an old friend coming by who is visiting from Hawaii, so it would be good to be here...although, baby trumps any plans, of course!

feeling much more positive. thanks for your prayers and thoughts! keep them up :D


Jamie said...

Sounds better than the last appt! Keep us posted :)

ramblin'andie said...

I don't think any baby has been so anticipated since brangelina had the twins!

...thank you for updating all of us here in blogland. I agree this was a much more positive appointment. Hoping that the next posting we see is of your gorgeous newborn!!

the salmon said...

yes, much better!
ha ha! thanks andie :)

just fyi, i did edit this post at ummm 2am because i woke up remembering more details from the doctor, like my scheduled induction date!

ramblin'andie said...

yeah, I kept not reading it because I thought I already had read it. Today I realised there was a lot more to it. Wow, your situation sounds a LOT like mine with David. Even the timing of everything. I remember pounding around Walnut Grove at 11 at night trying to persuade him to be born. He did not want out!

Alvin & Denise Engler said...

ahhh, raspberry tea memories. sigh.