Thursday, September 11, 2008

9 days until my estimated due date

wow! 9 days! that seems soooo close!

i have a friend that is 5 days overdue and i feel a little envious of her because at least the due date is passed. it is hard to wait for the due date, knowing that it is HIGHLY likely that i would go past it.

i'm still feeling energetic towards my current mothering responsibilities which is great. i have been getting pretty tired with no notice, so i havent made any attempts at walking to the park, although i did drive there the other day and play soccer with the kids.

the weather has been so sunny and nice, it really does seem to be a great time to be waiting for a baby, rather than watching rain outside. the sun makes me feel motivated to get out with the kids and enjoy it for their sake before fall/winter arrives.

i do have some cleaning that i should probably do, that i hope baby isnt waiting for me to do before coming ha scrubbing the kitchen floor (i hear they like to come to a clean house OR rather that scrubbing floors brings on labour). it is hard to wash the kitchen when the kids are up and i definitely dont feel like it at the end of the day.

i'm feeling very satisfied by the amount of nesting i've done around here. having ezekiel's room organized and a place in our room for baby (although there will be some last minute clearing out when we actually need to use the bassinet, but the groundwork is all there). our hospital bag is all packed and loaded in the van, along with the infant carseat and some newborn diapers. we have "from baby" gifts for the kids that i'm pretty excited for them to get. we will leave the van behind for my mom (if derek is close enough for us to take the truck) to bring the big kids to visit us at the hospital, but its easier to just keep the stuff loaded in there for now.

i did not get much sleep last night AT all. not sure why really, but i was just thinking and thinking about my fall schedule ha ha. there has been a change in some of the programs i was planning to attend, so now i'm thinking of swapping some group plans for others so as to meet my needs and programs i'm interested in my kids getting involved with. anyway, it just got me thinking. i also took some of my insomnia time to work on our church's worship schedule for the next 4 months ha ha. we just had the scheduling meeting last night and then got an update that changes most of it (know any local drummers looking to help out a church? we need drummers badly!!!).

anyway, back to the delivery of my baby :) i am feeling that its closer at this point of the preg than i have been with either preg before. so thats encouraging. today would be a good day to go into labour (but maybe born tomorrow early a.m. rather) since my dr. is going away tomorrow afternoon. i need to go for a good walk today/tonight...

i'm thinking i should probably walk up to the park this morning and see what happens...oh except i dont have cell phone today, so maybe thats a potentially very bad idea haha! derek's blackberry totally broke down (it will receive calls to the phone, but you cant actually answer them or access them. it just shows missed calls. and he can't make any outgoing calls). telus is saying he needs to buy a new one for $500 b/c moisture got into it (but its been totally dry out) so he's pretty annoyed and is getting all his work pages sent to my iphone instead (which he took with him). great timing blackberry!!!

so all that being written, i am still really hoping my water breaks so i know that i HAVE to go to the hospital. i keep imagining that the baby's head is putting pressure and going to break that water! ha ha


Alvin & Denise Engler said...

You are so close! congratulations on making it (almost) all the way through 3 pregnancies!

I am glad there is nice weather for you to get walking and hopefully get that baby coming! :)


mellenger said...

it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend to be out in the sun rather than in the hospital so if you have to wait you can console yourself with that.
plus i'm a bit sick and i wouldn't want to get you sick... and i'd love to come watch this baby come in to the world :)

the salmon said...

thanks denise

heather, i will submit your request to the boss (baby3) and see what he/she comes up with ;P

we can also pray that when the time comes everyone will be feeling better since my kids keep getting and getting over and then getting colds! so annoying :( poor little runny noses. and then there's derek, he was no doing well monday/tuesday, is a bit better but definitely not 100% so he needs to be a little more well too or he wont want to kiss the baby.

i suppose if it does happen sooner, you can still come as long as you're not coughing on anyone...but its up to your would be nice to have an extra set of hands for photography and videotaping :D

Michelle said...

you're getting so close now, not much longer!

just got your comments on my blog (blogger doesn't always email them to me, weirdness!).. anyways.. ellia had a great first day of school, she just loves it... i can hardly get a wave good bye out of her in the mornings, LOL (i'd take that over crying anyday!). i'm pleasantly surprised that kaeden is adjusting very well too, he's usually not great with change/transitions.

as for your big hint, i'm more confused now.. but oh well, i guess i'll find out in just a few days!