Tuesday, September 09, 2008

a little trip to maternity...and back home

i was having a very "strange pain" in my upper left tummy. it hurt alot. it kept causing major back pain and then full contractions. i phoned maternity and they told me to come in since my dr. was on shift.

i got strapped into fetal monitoring strips and had a great 20 minute report. the baby was very active (heartrate up to 182 bpm at one point!!! they joked about me having chocolate for dinner) and healthy. i only had one serious contraction while on the strip.

my dr. came in to do an internal. he said that things have changed since friday and that my cervix was shortening then, tonight it was very short (less than a cm to go) but still closed. he said for a third baby, that amount of cervix could thin out very fast (24 hours) or not. ha ha. so unpredictable. so things are still getting set up to have a baby faster than in my previous pregnancies, but still the usual start and stop type of labour. fun!


Sue said...

ooooooh poor dear.

no baby here either. :) i asked my midwife to check me at our 38 week visit... nothing. i don't get any 'warning signs' generally speaking. this pregnancy i've had a few days where i overdid my exercise and then had contractions and back pain, but that's it. :( when labor happens to me... it just kinda jumps out of nowhere i guess.

hope to hear that your dear new baby has arrived SOON.


Anonymous said...

keep my fingers crossed, that this baby will make its appearance SOON!

the salmon said...

oh, too bad su! i hope it comes on strong and fast as per usual and goes really well. do you deliver in hospital with midwives?

thanks leslie. i'm trying to be patient. i cant believe its only 9 days til i'm due!!!

kelly said...

oh, i could not be so patient - i'm sure the Lord knows that. i have had NO signs of anything moving yet, so i'm just still waiting.
hope your next trip in is the "one"! :)

the salmon said...

ya, i'm not that patient either ha ha
my mental "plan" changes all the time:
oh i wish it were go time,
lets bring labour on,
oh lets wait b/c i'm scared,
i need to spend more time with the kids,
it cant happen tonight b/c i'm too tired,
i need to spend more time snuggling the kids before i go into labour,
lets go for a walk,
lets eat spicy food,
ha ha...oh dear.