Saturday, September 20, 2008

40 pretty long weeks

pregnancy 3
september 20 2008
40 weeks - Estimated Due Date!!!

wow, i'm huge! but its probably because i'm FORTY weeks pregnant!!! and its my third baby...and i'm the heaviest i've ever been (ugh).

well, i made it to my due date. my doctor is on shift today at the hospital so anytime now, body...let go of that baby!

i have been having contractions for 3 days, enough that i feel uncomfortable alot and get tired of hurting. they are not the hard labour kind yet (obviously or i'd be at the hospital) but i'll just keep on moving and eating spicy food and pineapple and see what happens!

i will have a baby in my arms within 15 more days :)

everyone getting in on the fun of my weekly photo

derek trying to ruin the pictures but just making them cuter

the very big, very round, sticky-outtie belly of mine

diedre cuddles the belly

me and my big girl

derek and the kids did this wonderful work of art while i was having a morning nap.

i had a lovely day today. i got up early with the kids, then derek got up and i had a nap. i was having contractions early on, but i think it might just be linked to lack of water from sleeping all night because once i drink some water and have some cereal, they stop.

derek and diedre had a work day today. they cleaned his work truck and then returned it in exchange for his new work truck! pictures to come at a later date.

so i took ezekiel to the community festival that had so many cool things to look at and some great activities for kids. i was wanting to travel light, so he didnt actually do any crafts. we just walked around (him on his horsey leash) and went where he seemed to want to go. its nice to let him lead a bit and explore things. he did really well and when i mentioned that we were going to go out and go for a walk he said "shoes! walka walka walka."

we had a nice little lunch together and then headed to the local baby store to buy a baby gift for a shower that i wanted to go to later in the day.

it worked out that the baby shower was kind of a drop-in from 2pm to 6pm, so derek and diedre were back from the truck exchange in time for us to catch the tail end of the party. the baby was only there (with parents of course) for maybe ten or fifteen minutes after we arrived, but we took advantage of the good company and hung out for a bit. the kids were acting sooo hyper. we are not used to them being like that. they weren't being bad in the least, but i think because they hadnt been together all day and derek gave diedre lots of sugar, they were just wrestling and chasing and carrying on.

then we went for dinner at Boston Pizza and here the boys are watching football.

my lil' beauty. her hair looked so nice i wanted to get a picture :)

me & my darling girl. she was smiling in the previous shot, but its really blurry for some reason...

anyway, every day when nighttime comes, i'm fine to go to bed without going into labour. ha ha...i'm still a little scared of going through it all again, and even afraid of the size this baby might be because of my weight being around 200lbs now!!! it hasnt been a huge weight gain, just over 40lbs so far, but you never know what goes directly to baby and what is going to hang around on me for the next few months!

the last few days had been really trying for me. ezekiel was really acting two, lots of tantrums and "no mama" and general disagreeableness. it was really tough to deal with because i was also having alot of pains throughout the days making it difficult to run up to him or pick him up.

i think i did pretty good at dealing with his behaviour right away, but i did pay for it in my body from picking him up so much.

he was much better today, but we were also out and about and he had some good daddy time.

i was really feeling yesterday, "how on earth can i bring another child into this family!?! i can't handle ezekiel!" but then i had a breakdown, a good cry (where diedre said "you dont have to cry mom." and ezekiel came up and said "sorry mama" and kept kissing my belly). after that, i felt much better.

then my mom called and decided to come out to help me out with the kids until bedtime (derek was working late). it really helped alot to have the extra set of hands, ears, eyes, etc. around. something i've been wishing for during the day as i seem to get more and more tired.

i get really emotional about having the baby on a day where i've been grumpy with the kids (which is more frequent in the last couple weeks, normally, i'm rarely grumpy) or feeling like i can't cope. who wants to bring a baby home to that?! so having a good day, having derek around, sharing the load really puts me in a more peaceful state, one that i can handle. i guess i should probably pray more during those tough times. i know God has given me this family and there are just highs and lows. so thanks to anyone who feels inclined to pray for me at this time. i need it and i appreciate it! i cant wait for baby to come out so these pregnancy hormones can go away and i can have a different set of hormones ha ha!



mellenger said...

derek at boston pizza. has he changed his mind or was he being extra nice to you because you are 40 weeks pregnant. can't wait to meet the next addition to the salmon household!

Anonymous said...

i can totally relate to your feelings!!!and i´m only having two, not three!
praying that these last days will pass quickly and that you're having some good rest before the labour starts!