Thursday, February 10, 2005

whistler rose & her fiance josh

we had dinner with rose & josh tonight. i've talked to rose during my pregnancy but haven't seen her since the long weekend in may when we went climbing in Smith Rock Oregon. so tonight, we got to meet her fiance josh, they're getting married april 22.

rose tells us she's not "into the climbing" anymore...we're shocked! she is the one who taught us to mantle, a technique that has helped us on many occasions when you just can't quite get your leg up safely. she has such a natural ability in rockclimbing, but she has a bad knee that gave her issues on many occasions. she can get herself in so close to the rock when she climbs, we both learned alot from her...i guess time goes by and people change...and they are no longer "into the climbing" :(

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Rose and Josh said...

amanda you goofy! into the climbing. why didn't you put the other picture on, the gross one of me groping your belly? oh well, that's OK i guess. Whew, am i ever tired. just built a bridge today..all in a day's yup yup. well, it was a nice time with you guys, josh really enjoyed you guys a great deal.

take care! byby