Friday, February 25, 2005

progress is good, but not enough pain yet

i had good strong contractions, in frequent pattern and my body has progressed well. however, i am back home now b/c its going to take more time to dialate and there's no sense sticking around the hospital. my dr. came by and he thinks we'll be back in the middle of the night. we'll see!

so i need my water to break (that will be definite sign that its really really time) or to be in much more pain, so much that i can't handle it at home anymore. so i'm really looking forward to that :D ha ha

there were three couples from our prenatal class that all delivered today (2 were by scheduled c-section). i had the earliest due date in our class, but 3 ladies beat me! :(
we got to see 2 of the babies, they were sooo sweet and so little. one couple had boy (5lb 9oz) & girl (5lb 14oz) twins (unnamed at this point), another couple had a girl (6lb 5oz) named Sofia and the other couple had a boy named Aiden, but they left during my assessment. How fun for all of them :)

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for my middle of the night phone call and to meet my next neice or nephew!!