Monday, February 14, 2005

Time to Celebrate!

I have had a love-hate relationship with a certain banking institution. i love their hours and their online banking but hate that they gave us a Line of Credit so quickly back in the day.

five years ago, when derek and i were joining one another's banks in preparation to get married. we walked into his bank (my first time there) and within 2 (literally two) minutes they gave us a $10 000 line of credit.

that Line of Credit has been a source of stress but also an experience to mature over the last few years. i'm sure we used it to accomplish some good at times (like buying our car) but mostly silly spending that i don't think we needed to do. so i kind of hated the bank for giving us so much money when we were just starting off on our new life together.

ok, "Time to Celebrate!"
as of today it is completely PAID OFF.

I paid it off using online someways, it might have been better to go into the bank together and have a marching band and noise makers to celebrate and announce our great achievement. but since i do most of the online banking and making sure we have money for bills in the right areas, on saturday, i saw that we had enough to pay that account off so i just did it. then told derek it was done and we gave each other high fives and had a celebratory dinner and gave high fives to some of our friends...and the transaction is officially posted today.

Feb 14 2005: Line of Credit $0.00


rob said...

I'm high fiving right back at cha. We just got our truck paid off so now we own BOTH vehicles. We get the title later so then we'll celebrate.

Only thing is, high-fives are so grease monkey.

What, you don't watch Seinfeld?

JERRY: Slapping hands is the lowest form of male primate ritual.


ELAINE: You're a salesman now - and the high-five is.. it's very grease monkey.

the salmon said...

i actually do high fives quite sparingly.

i'm not super big on secret handshakes and high fives (they are similar calibre of human contact in my books)...but this was a special occasion that did not quite warrant hugs...but a high five was appropriate.

so high five to you for paying of the truck too!

Richard & Jennifer Gagne said...

We are proud of your achievement. Yeah Amanda and Derek! Way to go!

the salmon said...

thanks mom & richard!