Thursday, February 17, 2005

one week to go--or so

here i am at 39 weeks pregnant with Fraser on my shoulder.

i am feeling thoroughly relaxed. i pretty much have one night where i wake up all the time and then one night where i wake up twice. i am really wishing the baby would come soon but am trying to be patient. its not because i'm uncomfortable or sick of being pregnant, i just want to meet our little one and i guess its a bit weird living in this unknown time where baby can come anytime.

i have enjoyed going swimming, some prenatal exercises, and a massage this week. my doctor's appointment was good. my blood pressure is back to normal and my test results were good again. he thinks i am really close...but we'll just have to wait and see.

derek's parents are arriving next wednesday to stay for nearly two weeks. it will be really great to have them around and enjoying the new baby together. hopefully we are all good at sharing hee hee.

my dad and stepmother are also planning on coming over from the island once the baby arrives (and staying with her daughter) so that will be really great too.

i've received a few calls now asking if baby has arrived yet, but not so many that i'd have to change the voicemail message to say that he/she hasn't arrived yet. i also thought it might be confusing for people to hear: "You've reached Derek, Amanda and Mark" which is what it says right now...we'll be getting embroidered blankets with Mark Salmon on them ha ha. (Mark is our house mate who has been "up North" for the last 8 months but still contributes his portion of rent because he has so much stuff here.)

anyway, my brother says that he will teach Heather to update my blog from his cell phone while i'm in labor...we'll see if she actually has time for that or not :D


Stefanie said...

Amanda, this past week I have been thinking everyday, "I wonder if she's in labour right now!" That would be cool to get updates on your blog, especially since I'm not at the office and the chances of me hearing any news are slim. Anyhow, happy labouring. You'll make a great mom! :) (Hi Fraser ... cutie!)

the salmon said...

thanks stef!
i will definitely do updates to the blog (now that Derek has done 2 entries, he should be able to enter the birth info if i'm not able to myself).

Anonymous said...

hi stefanie, i think you are cute too.

love fraser

kelly said...

ooooh - stef has an admirer!