Thursday, February 24, 2005

Baby Salmon's Due Date

here i am at 40 weeks pregnant

well baby salmon is due today. i'm pretty doubtful he/she is going to arrive today.

i had a doctor's appointment yesterday and he said he's actually surprised that i haven't gone into labor yet with the baby's head being sooo low. he said i need to be resting more and that although its good for me to be going on these walks like i have, i better make sure to put my feet up when i get back.

derek's parents arrived yesterday and came to hear the baby's heartbeat at the dr.'s. grandma salmon almost cried (she's so sweet).

i asked the doctor how big he thinks the baby is and he said not very big. he said he thinks baby will be less than 8 lbs.

anyway, no real labor news to report. baby will come when he/she is ready--hopefully soon!


Englers said...

Yeah, I don't think the doctors can tell when you're going to go into labour. They can guess, but I think that's as close as it gets. I was always asking my doctor how soon he thought I'd go into labour, and he would tell me details of my progress, but always added that it can't be predicted how fast one is going to go through each stage. He seemed to think that doctors who made guesses about how close one was to labour might be kidding themselves a bit. Everyone has their own opinion. Baby Salmon is coming soon though, that's for sure. Even if you go 10 days over, that's very, very soon considering how long you've carried that child! Rest well! -de

kelly said...

well, it's pretty rare to have your baby on the due date, so hang in there. These are the last "quiet" days for many years. you should post one last pregnant-on-the-due-date picture :)

Michelle said...

i saw that beautiful moon last night and i was wondering if baby salmon was feeling the pull of the moon.. what baby wouldn't want to be born to see such a great sight?

Cara said...

Hey Amanda,
I remember how every day after my due date seemed very long, even though I was sure our babe would be 'late'. I was very encouraged when my mother-in-law told me, "You won't be pregnant forever." Funny how it felt that way back then.
I remember Andy took me out to a nice restaurant, sometime close to my due date, as our 'last supper' with no kids. That was special and fun. May you enjoy your 'lasts' as you look forward and embrace many 'firsts.' May you know God's peace and strength during this time.

the salmon said...

thank you for all your warm and encouraging comments :)

now that the grandparents are here, we are all working together on being patient.