Friday, February 25, 2005

one day past due

since i've been pregnant, i catch myself calling expiry dates on items like milk, sour cream, etc. "due dates" and sometimes i remember to correct myself.

that was just an aside...anyway, so baby is now past due.

i have been having contractions that are very close to real ones except for the timing. they happened all night and i have also felt very nauseous. the contractions are supposed to take my breath away, so they aren't quite that bad yet. they will keep progressing until they are nasty enough to warrant me going to the hospital. but my belly is getting "chin hard" which my sister-in-law told me to look for, so thats good.

so the plan today: go for a walk, go to white rock for fish & chips at lunch and probably go for another walk, oh, and plenty of rest. i had a really unrestful night and am glad i didn't go into labor during the night because i was so exhausted already.

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raechelle vyn said...

ooh little fishies...

i was wondering if you'd popped yet so thought i'd check your blog spot cause you are soooo faithful in updating it. so sorry to hear the baby is still hiding - but soon, soon that belly will disappear. and little baby rae /raechelle jr. will make his/her appearance.
i'm sure you've tried everything, but just in case...are you drinking raspberry tea? are you doin' the do?...nudge nudge, wink wink. that's the money ticket right there. or so i've heard.
i wish you smooth soon sailing on the delivery table - let us know how it all goes when you get a chance. have fun!