Tuesday, February 08, 2005

my journey to the world of blog

Yes, that's right folks, this is the first blogging I have ever done. As of up to this point I have been bloggless and without a blog to stand on.. One blog on this blogger page is better than Two in my mind, so here goes get bloggy... blog it up, yo.... bliggity blog, home-blog.


the salmon said...

i'm proud of you honey! you made me laugh :D

Miles Grey Mellenger said...

Way to go uncle. You are so cool. I'm looking forward to reading your blogs
... once i can read.

rob said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, aka the blogsphere. It's a fun place. And since you're so hip to the hippidy hop stuff, maybe you'll enjoy this site: Gizoogle.com. Peace out, brotha!

the salmon said...

thanks robdog, many shout outs for the dope site!