Thursday, February 24, 2005

salmon men and hazelnut

here is derek and his daddio chopping hazelnut wood. they got alot accomplished to contribute to the warming of our wood-heat-only homestead (yes, thats right, no electric or gas heat in this old farm house).

we went up to Fort Langley to walk about the shops and have more gelato (like we did after sunday's walk there, it induced labor for me on monday, so we thought...maybe...).

anyway, we continue to wait as patiently as possible.

i think passing my due date is not as bad as expecting the baby to come before the due date. now there is a much more definite time remaining (9 days max) so its a bit easier to handle. i've been having minor contractions all day but not in any pattern or progressively worse. we'll see what the night brings!


kelly said...

that is the cutest maternity shirt ever! you are looking great for 40 weeks pregnant! 0-9 days left :)

the salmon said...

thanks kelly :)

its my cousins. i have had some wonderful maternity clothing loans, i've been so blessed to have stylish friends/family who've been pregnant first.

i had to make it a good picture since you asked specifically for a 40-week pic!

Michelle said...

i found going over my due date really hard.. kaeden was 9 days late, and every extra day seemed like a whole month :( especially with random strangers seeing your huge belly and asking "when are you due?" and i'd have to say.. "um, last week".. and then they'd go into the whole "don't go into labour in the store!!" type rant.

anyways, just checkin in for more baby news. love the belly! rub it for me!

Jessi said...

You look beautiful! You are lucky to have nice maternity loans!

Hang in there! I had 2 due dates and he came right in the middle so I was either 4 days late or 2 days early....they come when they're ready! (and you'll find it just continues like that -- they only do things when they're ready....every mommy is different and every child is different!!)

the salmon said...

ya! i had lots of people ask "when are you due?!" yesterday and i'd say "today" and they'd say "don't do it here!!" after the first few times, i started saying "don't worry, it takes hours."

i'm so snappy ha ha

its like when people said "you're eating for two!" i'd always say, "no, i'm eating for one, plus about 300 calories."

i like to dispell the pregnancy myths. i'm a purveyor truth, after all.