Friday, February 25, 2005

contractions & temporary relocation

well, contractions are happening close enough together that i'm supposed to go into the hospital at 3pm today. so unless we get sent back home, there's a great chance we're going to have a baby!!! (just dont know how long it will take).

i will try to get someone to update you all for me.

for now, writing between contractions is all i can handle, and i dont have that many minutes between them (the contractions cause my thinking to dull and all i can do is rest and wait til they pass).


Leah said...

Yeah Amanda, Your going to be a mommy really soon. Why does most babies decided to be born on a weekend. I am sad that I won't know until the Monday.

rob said...

Oh baby!

kelly said...

SWEET! can't wait to hear the news. God be with you through this time of labour and beyond!

Michelle said...

woo hoo. can't wait! hope it happens, and you don't get sent home again.

Jessi said...

yay! it sounds like it's time...those contractions sound like the real ones!!
can't wait to hear the news!!!!