Sunday, February 20, 2005

what a gorgeous day

today derek and i slept in. we both had terrible sleep and blame the fish & chips we had last night.

our friends ben & rose called to meet us for brunch so we went up to Denny's for a hearty meal. brent, kristin, joanna & baby david joined us. we had a nice visit.

then i asked if anyone wanted to go for a walk to induce labor! ben suggested we go up to Fort Langley and we ended up going for a nice walk and enjoying some gelato. the sun was so bright and beautiful.

now we just have to see if the labor really does come on :)

we have been recording my contractions all evening and we are going to bed now...they are 7 to 8 minutes apart (the hospital wants them to be 5 minutes apart consistently)...we'll see if they stop overnight or get stronger. but for now, sleep.

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