Sunday, February 27, 2005

diedre has come home!!!!!

My wonderful daughter is resting at home with mom right now... I am not very computer orientated so keep looking for an update picture on the blog. We are both pretty tired and Amanda is sore, but she and Diedre are both doing well, and I'm the happiest daddy in the world. Amanda is my new hero.


rob said...

That's awesome, guys! Rest up and let us know what's up as you can.

Englers said...

Wow! That's fast to come home, but I'm sure you guys are having so much fun in your new roles. Wierd not being pregnant anymore eh Amanda? Can't wait to hear all the gruesome labour details. I think part of healing is in the telling about the labour. ha ha. Didn't give us much chance to get our lawn chairs over there, did you. Once you heal up we'll have to get together with you and Kotyks. Take care! -de