Friday, February 11, 2005

little flowers & the walnut tree out back

little flowers have recently sprung up by the walnut tree out back.

the grove of trees along the left are all walnut trees but this large one was a really nice place to hang out for reading or napping in the sun our first summer living here.

then last summer, it became Sparky's tree (he got tied up to it) it was a very poopy area. now that we have the property fenced in, i'm really hoping that i can reclaim the tree.

i imagine sitting out there with the baby on a blanket, playing or napping, in the shade of the tree. there is a nice slope to the hill so you don't have to lie completely flat. whenever i think about sitting under the tree with the baby, it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Where The Heart Is, where Novalee says she wants to live in a house that has patio furniture where she can sit with the baby and drink chocolate milk.

in other good news, my aunt lent us her pickup truck so that i won't be left without a car during the next few weeks of waiting (just in case i need to go to the hospital). so Leah, we can have that coffee after all!


Leah said...

Yeah!! So, when do you want to go?

kelly said...

i wonder if sparky fertilized the ground enough to help those little flowers bloom...?

Michelle said...

very pretty. i can't wait for spring time around here! kaeden's already talking about helping me plant our veggie garden.

the salmon said...

leah: i guess early next week...i'll email you

kelly: ya, i don't know about the fertilizing ability of doggy doo doo but i just hope he stays away from that tree :)

michelle: thats so cute! your little vegan veggie grower