Wednesday, November 22, 2006

some may consider this news...

the doctor said i was 1-2 cm dialated and he was able to 'strip the membranes' and thinks that from what he did, i could very well go into labour on my own "soon."

i am scheduled for induction on Saturday morning at 7.30am. He also said that the only induction they need to do is to break my waters so it won't be induction by drugs (which i'm quite happy about).

he also said he would try to get me in today to have my waters broken, but that things are too full over there and it would be a pretty slim chance. Its nearly 5pm so i'm figuring my slim chance is now over and it won't be today unless i go into good old fashioned "natural" labour.

there's still a chance that i can get into maternity before Saturday if a spot opens up for me. its all very vague and not that hopeful...but i have had some doozies of contractions today so we'll see.

c'mon baby, c'mon baby, c'mon baby! :D

(i think i'm just too healthy this pregnancy or something, i can do jumping jacks and run around and clean for hours...this baby just doesn't want to leave my safe haven of a body).

so my inlaws fly out on Monday at 6.30am, if i'm induced Saturday i may or may not be home by Sunday. AND another not so good thing is that the Doctor's birthday is on Saturday and he can only deliver up to 4pm because he has to be at his party at, baby, you should come today :D


Ben said...

Oh well. Doesn't look like we'll share the same Birthday, but it'll be close! We can all party together. Yay!

a & a said...

I know you don't want to wait any longer, but how about a sunday baby?? it'll be the 26th! I really hope you don't have to wait much longer!