Saturday, November 04, 2006

our suite reno is complete!!!

we had an amazing crew of helpers throughout the project. thank you so much to Grandpa Gagne, andrew, shawn & joanna, steve (5.30am record holder!!!), waldy, erwin, dave & sharon, paul, nancy and to michelle and stuart who provided us with yummy pizza last night! it has been such a crazy three weeks in the life of derek, and also Grandpa as he put in many days on the project. my poor man was working days and staying up working on the suite until 2 to 4 am with last night being the latest at 5am!!!

we are soooo thankful its "done" although we have a list of things we will be getting around to in the next while, but they are thankfully not immediate "must-do's."

these pictures are from February when we installed laminate flooring in the living room. the bathroom is very 70s/80s. the hallway had a very low drop ceiling.

here are some of the guys hard at work installing a brandnew bathroom with laundry included (our new tenants brought their own laundry machines so we don't have a picture of the space "in use" at this point).
the guys tore down the wall between the laundry room and bathroom to make a larger more practical space. we bought all new fixtures (toilet was only $64 & the pedestal sink was only $35 at Home Depot--although the sink was quite the pain to mount as it did not have holes to secure it to the wall).
the wiring and plumbing was crazy bad in the two rooms and Grandpa and derek set about updating and making it safe and legal.

here are the before and after shots of the kitchen: new tile flooring with cedar trim along the walls.

here are the upgrades to the hallway and another shot of the laminated living room.
the hallway was given new tile flooring also with cedar trim and a raised drywall ceiling with new light fixtures and paint. steve worked all evening and night taping and mudding drywall so it would be ready to sand and paint for yesterday.

here is the storage area under the stairs getting fitted with insulation and drywall. sparky is spending his nights on the landing/entry way down the stairs. it was extremely loud to hear him or derek in his work boots walking up and down the stairs, this solution has drastically cut the noise down.

diedre and i are so happy to have derek back in our lives again :D


Anonymous said...

looks great guys! i'm so glad you were able to get it done. let's hope you all get some relaxing time before the next major event! :)

Michelle said...

yeah! it's done! awesome!

Jessi said...

Awesome work!! Now - go have a nap!