Friday, November 24, 2006

several stages of "cheese"

diedre learned to say "cheese" for pictures on Halloween night. here she is putting it to good use:

and now me...ugh, no baby yet. we are now 9 days overdue and people are starting to say "don't even think about your due date. just think, i'm due sometime near the end of november." :D ha ha

so we are on track to go in on Saturday for induction.

however, we went in for a little sojourn last night; i was having contractions 10 minutes apart for an hour, then 5 or less minutes apart for the next hour--so we excitedly headed into the hospital. my contractions slowed down on the drive there and i was quickly losing momentum emotionally and mentally that labour was ACTUALLY happening...they pretty much stopped once we were at the hospital. they were so busy at the hospital last night that they didn't come and give me an assessment until close to an hour of waiting. and by then i had so few contractions that they didn't even bother to do an internal.

but we know the baby is healthy.

they also said, if they are too busy on Saturday they might not have me in there until noon or maybe not at all (the info i thought i had from the doctor was that i would call in at 6.30am and probably head in at about 7.30am unless things were too busy...but he made it sound much more likely whereas the nurse last night made it sound like i'd be fine to go until next week without induction).

other good news is that my inlaws are extending there visit by two and a half days so they will definitely still be here when we get home with baby. hopefully baby comes on his/her own but if not, we'll see how tomorrow goes.

this has been a crazy experience/trial in faith and trust--its so easy to lose heart and think its just not going to happen but God knows. He's got a plan and i just need to trust and live these days as i would any other and enjoy visiting with family and especially the time with my little girl :D Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Ugh - those false alarms are so frustrating! Why do contractions always stop when you get to the hospital?? I hope that they are able to go through with your induction tomorrow and that you'll have a baby in your arms soon!
All the best!


the salmon said...

thanks Jamie.

I'm so jealous of you and Heather, but i know our time will come too.

The Cari's said...

Hey guys, checking out how things are coming along from Cancun! Maybe you're in labour right now... or maybe even... =) We'll check again soon!!!!