Wednesday, November 08, 2006

more outdoor cleanup

looking at a dog walk by

cuddles with daddy

helping to rake up sawdust

VIDEO of diedre helping her silly parents

VIDEO of diedre having fun with the animals


vicki said...

We were thinking it was 'just about time' for you and there you are looking very ready! will be in my thoughts and prayers.
xo Vicki

Michelle said...

diedre looks like a good helper. the kids watched the videos with me, and they liked them. ella wants to know if diedre is okay now? (after falling down?).

the salmon said...

thanks for asking ellia, yes, diedre is doing just fine after falling down :) she was right back to her cheerful, helpful self.

Michelle said...

oh, that's good. we kind of thought she'd be okay.. it wasn't a very big fall ;)