Wednesday, November 08, 2006

39 weeks pregnant

i had a doctor's appointment yesterday. he said everythings ready to go and it could happen anytime. baby is in a great position and my cervix is very soft apparently but still closed. i had about 2 hours of contractions in the evening last night, but nothing too consistent. same with tonight.

i feel really good and have been in hyper-nesting mode. lots of energy and getting lots of things done around here. we got the front yard all tidied up, i just need to sell our washer and dryer to get them out of the side of the house and there are some items other people are supposed to pick up soon that will help further tidying.

diedre has really changed this week. she seems more interactive in group settings. she is constantly impressing us with her new words and we are having so much fun with her!

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Michelle said...

can't wait for the "we had the baby!" post!