Sunday, November 19, 2006

nesting in overdrive

well, we've got the time for it, so we are continuing to do our home improvements for us and baby's arrival. when its all done, i will hopefully post some pictures of our new improved room.

Grandma and Grandpa took Diedre home yesterday afternoon for a sleepover with Miles at their house. we have gotten so much accomplished but we miss our girl. we both got good rest and lots of sleep although i got up more last night than i have in awhile.

we also watched a matinee, Stranger Than Fiction, which we both enjoyed. it was really nice to have a date and get so much done around here.


Michelle said...

i'm glad you liked the movie.. i want to see it, but haven't heard any reviews. perhaps kurt and i could have a lil date too ;)

Anonymous said...

We're thinking of you Amanda! It won't be long now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda - I think you've posted on my blog a couple of times, but I could never find a link back to your blog. It looks like we're both in the same boat here with the waiting game. I, however, am going in to be induced tomorrow morning if the hospital's not too busy. I'm a little nervous but very excited! I'm still praying I might go into labour tonight on my own, but I'm really ready to get this baby out no matter how it happens.
I'll be checking in to see how things are going for you, too!