Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Estimated Due Date

40 weeks today

i've still been feeling pretty good lately. the dr. says i'm ready to go "anytime." i did have some harder contractions through the night for 30 to 40 minutes at a time, at about 10 minutes or more between; then a couple hours break, then similar patterns again. i definitely need to sit in different positions at times to relieve my discomfort but all in all, i'm doing fine.

at 10pm last night i was so tired and was worried that i might be going into labour. i'm not feeling particularly rested today, but i'm glad it didn't happen last night.

plans for today are to go to MOPS (yes, even though i wrote off going there, i am going to go and just keep diedre in the main room with me. she does fine with all the ladies and just plays quietly or wanders around and shares my snacks--many of the kids in her age group stay in the room with their mom's because of similar issues). MOPS ends at naptime, so we can return home for a nice nap and see how the rest of the day goes.

derek's coworkers are all having the day off today, but derek will still do estimates since he might be taking days off anytime soon (well, hopefully this baby comes at some point ha ha).

diedre and i have been spending lots of time with my mom lately as we went there Sunday night to sleep (as a family) and spent all day Monday, then returned Tuesday morning after the dr.'s appointment and stayed all day. its a good thing Grandma and Grandpa live so close to the hospital, it adds peace of mind to know we can stay there if we need to.


Michelle said...

come on baby, we wanna see you ;)

my official vote is for a BOY

Pam said...

Hi! My name's Pam. I'm a friend of Rob Williams in Orlando. He forwarded me your blog link because I'm pregnant and due about the same time as you...which is now. Actually, my due date is Nov. 27 but we're pretty close. This is my third baby...all boys. My second was three weeks early so I'm with you on the anticipation of "any day now." Good luck!!

Englers said...

hey amanda... i' checking often to see about baby. happy due day. try not to let the over-due-day-blues get you down. rest up!

ps. i think its another girl. :)


Lisa's Diet said...

I keep checking too; to see if the baby has come, hope you have a safe delivery!

vicki said...

Watching and praying!!
Love ya!

Faith said...

Hi guys,
have been looking in on your blog from time tio time. Congrats and I hope you have a wonderful birth experience!!

The Cari's said...

Very cute video of Diedre! Hopefully we'll be seeing video of the new tailess Salmon soon. =) Hopep you're still doing well, it was cute hearing you laugh in background of the video!!!